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The first four sessions, which will be held on the diamond kindly granted by Rangers Redipuglia Baseball Club, will be a sort of introduction to the actual technical program, which will take place in a tensostatic facility in Opicina (TS). During these first outdoor trainings Daniele Santolupo, technical manager and athletic trainer of the Academy, will carry out all the physical tests to which the athletes have already been subjected during the summer tryouts in San Lorenzo Isontino (GO). These tests will also be repeated at the end of the program, to check the actual improvements of the members.

Physical preparation will be the central point of the program: the structural reinforcement will allow the athlete not only to improve their qualities, but also to prevent injuries specific to the discipline.

Of course, even the technical part will be treated in detail. The staff at Santolupo’s service, composed of Rolando Cretis, Mario Da Re, Paolo Da Re and Alberto Furlani, will take advantage of these days outdoors to shoot videos and study in detail the movements of the athletes, to dress the individual player. of a program studied on one’s own needs and shortcomings.

The improvement of the athlete, to lead him to make the necessary qualitative leap to access another level, is certainly the main purpose, but it is not the only goal that the Academy sets itself. The staff, assisted by the president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Committee Andrea Andrian, has already embarked on a path of sharing and collaboration with the regional technicians, a transparent way to grow not only the players, but the whole regional beat and run movement.

A project that aims at the regional elite, but also at the most complete integration with local companies.

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