Home football “It was important for us to win here”, “The penalty puts us in a bit”: the reactions of the players after Standard – Mouscron

“It was important for us to win here”, “The penalty puts us in a bit”: the reactions of the players after Standard – Mouscron

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Chevalier : “We gave a lot, it was important to us to have a good match, Standard was in doubt, the penalty puts us a little in it but we still showed heart. Difficult to create chances, calls but the balls do not arrive. It will come with time, now the match to follow is Friday against Virton. “

Lepoint : “The coach had a plan by making the team turn but still with minutes in the legs. A good game even if not many chances, the mentality, that’s what the coach was asking for. We knew that the Standard was going to push, we cash on an avoidable penalty, it happens to William, it also happened to me. We work tactically, in the game, it will eventually pass. “

Sissako : “It’s nice, a good collective performance, that’s why I put out a great individual performance. Mouscron still pushed, it was important for us to win here, for the confidence, the desire. “

Bokadi : “A lot of fun after 6 months. A relief to come back, it was not easy, now it’s behind me, I watch the next games. Victory is fun after the difficult times, it gives confidence.”

Young Fields : “We are between two feelings, the frustration of the defeat but in the content a very good defensive organization, more daring in second. We had more beginnings of chances than clear possibilities but the priority is behind. Standard must not have panicked too much but I think we still annoyed them tonight. I am not incriminating Simba from the penalty, even if it was not necessary, I remember the reaction behind, That will be useful for the future. In my opinion it will be difficult for Diandy on Friday, we will focus on recovery. We did not know how to do everything I wanted this evening with the left to rest for Friday, the change of Taravel at halftime that was scheduled. “

Elsner : “Satisfied with the result, things run around in your head when you don’t win, it was obvious, especially in the game tonight, but we must take the victory as a basis for the future. We must have a little volume. more important, to go into the box more often. We were able to break the rhythm a little, play in the good zones. Tonight it remains sufficient. I’m happy for Bokadi, he made a lot of efforts to come back. Against Kortrijk, It will be special because it’s recent but everyone has their own history, we will ignore it on the pitch, it’s a very important match.

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