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It turns out that the brain is synchronized when multiple people enter the “zone” in sports and games –GIGAZINE

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Focusing on sports and work makes you less aware of other things and makes you feel that time is slowing downZone (flow)You may enter. In addition, team sports such as basketball, musical instrument performance by multiple people, multiplayer games, etc.Team flowIt is also known to cause a situation in which multiple people enter the zone at the same time.About this team flowTohoku UniversityorToyohashi University of TechnologyAn international research team, including the team, conducted an analysis to clarify the brain condition peculiar to team flow.

Team flow is a unique brain state associated with enhanced information integration and inter-brain synchrony | eNeuro

For the first time in the world, the brain activity when the team enters the “zone” is revealed! | Tohoku University -TOHOKU UNIVERSITY-

Neuroscientists Claim to Have Pinpointed The Brain States Unique to ‘Team Flow’

The research team developed a rhythm game in which two people play simultaneously on one iPad in order to clarify the difference between the state of being in the flow by one person (solo flow) and the brain activity in the team flow, and a pair of subjects The brain waves were measured while playing the game under the following three conditions.

・ No board is installed between the two people, and a non-random rhythmic sound is played to create a team flow (Team Flow).
・ Without installing a board between two people, you can play random voices and work as a team, but you can not enter the flow (Team Only)
・ Install a board between two people to play a non-random rhythmic sound and make it a solo flow (Flow Only)

According to the research team, although research on flow has been conducted so far, it was difficult to objectively judge whether or not the subject was in a flow state. In this study, we used two methods in combination: “questionnaire about the concentration state of the subject after the gameplay is over” and “play a beep sound that is not related to the game and measure the brain reaction between gameplays”. , It was judged both subjectively and objectively whether or not the subject was in a flow state.

As a result of measuring brain waves under the above conditions, it was found that the activity of the middle temporal cortex, which is a part related to attention, memory, and consciousness, becomes more active in team flow than in solo flow. In addition, the team flow revealed that the brain activity of the subject pair was strongly synchronized.

Be a member of the research teamMohammad ShihataBased on the results of this study, he said, “In Solo Flow, the brain blocks external stimuli that are unrelated to the task. In Team Flow, it blocks external stimuli other than information about the flow status of teammates. Therefore, the team The brain begins to synchronize. “

The research team is aiming to utilize the results of this research for monitoring and predicting the performance of the team.

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