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“It is impossible for me to back down, things are very clear to me”

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The Spanish tennis player Carla Suárez explained that “it is impossible” that the Finals of the Billie Jean King Cup, which Spain will play starting this Monday at the O2 Arena in Prague, are not her last professional tennis tournament and she said she felt “happy” because she will close her career “competing” after having overcome Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“It is impossible for me to back down, things are very clear and well thought out. I am going to put an end to my career, that’s for sure. Being able to share with my colleagues one more week and being able to enjoy it for the last time is very positive for me. “Suárez reaffirmed in an interview with Europa Press.

The Canary Islands recognized that it was not “expected this year” that she is living before finishing her career. “First because I didn’t know if it was going to be possible to get to Roland Garros, finally that return to the competition and above all because of the affection of my colleagues, which was very special. It was worth all the effort to finish the treatment, to return to Coaching. The game on center court at Wimbledon was beautiful, “he recalled.

In the English tournament, he found that his “body no longer holds as before”, but that did not prevent him from continuing to experience “many emotions” at the Tokyo Olympics. “There were many positive experiences that they will not return to. The atmosphere of the Spanish team was very good and that always helps. And finally the farewell at the US Open. I had already disconnected a little bit and I had to get back on track. I’m happy because I wanted to retire competing, “he stressed.

Within this intense year, Suárez has also verified that “the affection he felt before has multiplied.” “I put my five senses in being able to heal myself, my body reacted perfectly from the beginning and that also helped me to be more animated. I am grateful for that and for having the opportunity to be an example for those people who are suffering and have difficulty playing sports. Let them know that it is possible, that they are going to go through difficult times, but that sport helps a lot. During my illness I received many messages and that helps much more than people think, “he thanked.


Before putting an end to a 15-year stage in the world’s tennis elite, the Las Palmas player will put her experience at the service of the Spanish team that will also comprise Sara Sorribes, Nuria Parrizas, Aliona Bolsava and Rebeka Masarova in the Czech Republic under the command of the captain, Anabel Medina.

“I was in communication with Anabel for many weeks and she knew my desire to want to play, if she needed me I would be there. In the end she put me in the team and for me it is a pride and a pleasure. I had to speak with her to specify because I had already announced that the US Open was going to be my last tournament. It is a world championship by countries and the conversations were very easy. In 2008 Anabel and I played a final and we would like my colleagues to go through that experience ” , wish.

As for the favorites for the title in Prague, where Spain will be measured in the first phase with Slovakia -Monday- and the United States -Wednesday-, he highlighted two. “Czech Republic playing at home can be one of the favorites and also has players who have won in ‘Grand Slam’. The United States never has a bad team. The important thing is that we focus on the first three days, which is where we are going to play. everything, and if we go to the semifinals it would be seen “, he valued.

Finally, Suárez revealed what his first plans for the future once he hangs up the racket. “In the short and medium term I want to rest and disconnect after all these years of career and especially this last year. Going home, being with the family, I have some humanitarian projects in mind against hunger and poverty, to see if I can get them out go ahead. Who knows if in the future tennis will make me excited about something again, but right now the racket is a gift “, he concluded with a laugh.

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