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Introduction au Disc Golf

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The next round of the National Disc Golf Championship will be played this Sunday, October 17 at Jambes, Amée beach. The National Tour is played over ten rounds, on the various Belgian courses (permanent and ephemeral).

So go to Plage d’Amée if you want to discover this sport, which works like classic golf.

How is Disc Golf played?

Disc golf works like classic golf.

The player starts from a tee off from where he launches his disc. He will play his second stroke from the exact spot where his first throw left off and so on until go inside the wire basket. The chains suspended from the basket are used to stop the disc to drop it into the nacelle.

The players note their scores on the score card, to count all the strokes played by adding any penalties. At the end of the game, the players add up the results of the 18 holes and the player with the lowest total wins the game.

Is this sport practiced as a team, individually or both depending on the competitions?

Disc Golf is a individual sport. It is usually done in a group, but each player plays to achieve the best possible score. That is to say to achieve the minimum of throws on a referenced course. But it can sometimes, depending on the competitions, also be played as a team.

Who is the practice of Disc Golf for?

Disc golf is a sport for all, children from 10 years old, up to seniors. Everyone knows how to throw a disc, whether athletic or not.

What is the minimum size of a lot?

It depends of course on the number of baskets installed. Standard courses are made up of 9 or 18 baskets. The area needed to set up an 18-hole course is more or less 15 hectares.

Where can you practice this sport in Belgium?

Ten courses are identified in Belgium, equipped with a variable number of holes:

1. Braine-l’Alleud – 18 holes + 4 warm-up baskets

2. Yvoir in the Namur region – 18 baskets

3. Legs in the Namur region – 15 baskets

4. Louvain-La-Neuve – 9 baskets

5. The lakes of the hour water – Lakes golf course – 9 baskets

6. Borsbeek – Antwerp region – 9 baskets

7. Antwerp – 9 baskets

8. Farnières – Liège region – 12 baskets

9. La Hulpe – Walloon Brabant – 5 baskets

10. Brussels ULB – Solbioch – short presentation and initiation course

When was this sport imported to Belgium?

The unique Disc Golf version is played since 1980. Competitions are played out at this time on the ephemeral routes, which are assembled and disassembled for the occasion.

the first permanent course is based in Namur, Legs, in 2006.

the Braine-l’Alleud route, who is the benchmark in Belgium today, was installed in 2007. First 9 holes, to move on to a full 18-hole course in 2010.

Are there several types of discs depending on the distances to be traveled to the “basket”?

It exists three types of discs different.

1. The putter, which is used to complete a hole. It is used over short distances (0 to 50 meters from the basket)

2. the approach disc, which is used to approach the basket over medium distances (50 to 90 meters)

3. the driver, which is used over longer distances (90 to 180 meters)

In each category, there are discs allowing the realization of different flights: straight flights, or flights to the left or to the right.

How much does a “permanent” basket cost? And a mobile model for training?

  • A permanent competition basket costs around 500 euros.
  • Lighter and foldable versions exist for prices around 150 euros.

What do the insurance, the license, the outfit cost?

Disc Golf is a very cheap sport.

  • A disc costs more or less 16 euros depending on the quality of the plastic chosen. And to start, one disc per player is enough.
  • Later, a player who sticks to the discipline will buy a dozen discs to be able to meet all the technical constraints of a course.
  • Most of the routes are set up in public parks. They are free to access and players can come and play freely and for free.
  • If a player becomes regular in his practice, he will be asked to join the club linked to the course used. Club memberships vary between 85 and 100 euros annually and include insurance.

Where to buy Disc Golf equipment?

  • In Belgium, Discgolf deals with the sale of records on the internet.
  • There is a “physical” shop at Braine-l’Alleud (a stone’s throw from the Bourdon park)

Reference websites

  1. The world reference site
  2. The Belgian commission websitee

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