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Interview with 1860 fan: “Otherwise we are always the victims” – sport

by archysport

Tom Fock is a sixty fan and lead singer of the punk band Lustfinger, who created the stadium classic “Löwenmut” and released their new fan song “I will never forget you” on November 20th. A conversation about a very special football week.

SZ: Mr. Fock, sixty against Schalke 1-0, Bayern against Gladbach 0-5 – which game was better?

Tom Fock: Sixty, of course – but I have to admit that yesterday’s game also pleased me in a certain way (laughs). My guess is yes: Bayern noticed that we made it through and played sensationally. And then they were afraid of an away game in Giesing and said to themselves: Before we do this shame, we’d better get out of the game against a Bundesliga club.

That sounds plausible. But with 0: 5?

That was a bit of an exaggeration, of course. I think a player in Bayern’s central defense didn’t quite understand the deal.

The reds out, the blues still there – that has not existed in the DFB Cup for 21 years. Have you already appropriately ridiculed the Bayern fans in your circle of friends? Or do you even have Bayern fans in your circle of friends?

Yes, of course I have. With a few exceptions, we treat each other relatively peacefully. But I’m gleeful when such a slip happens to Bayern. I am pain free when I am raised. But: Otherwise we are always the victims, now it’s going in the other direction, you have to really enjoy that.

The band Lustfinger with singer Tom Fock (center).

(Photo: Lustfinger/oh)

With all the glee – isn’t it a shame that the derby can no longer take place?

In a way, yes. It would have been exciting to see how it would have gone in Giesing. You have to get used to the way you play sixty (laughs). That could have been a surprise. It could also have ended 5-0 for us.

… if Giesing’s belly against Upamecano had started rolling …

Right. And Bayern should have come to terms with the mood first. They only have their little group on the bend that hops and sings, and the others eat their oysters.

GER, DFB Pokal, first row, TSV 1860 Muenchen vs. FC Schalke 04 / 26.10.2021, Gruenwalder Stadion, Muenchen, GER, DFB P

Still in the cup: Sascha Mölders.

(Photo: Straubmeier / Nordphoto / Imago)

In your classic “Löwenmut”, which always runs at home games, it says about TSV 1860: “It wasn’t long ago, you were at the top, it was a pleasure.” However, sixty has settled in quite well in the third division and in the Grünwalder Stadium. Doesn’t a week like this make you want to have greater success again?

Of course, the pursuit of success has to be there. But you always have to see reality and not say: “Now let’s get to Brazilians.”

Another excerpt from the text: “What is difficult today will be good tomorrow, because we, we have the courage to be a lion.” With all due respect, that’s an empty promise.

Well, that’s right: not everything will always be fine tomorrow. But sometimes something good happens.


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