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«Indecipherable Sampdoria. Giampaolo rejected Ferrero “

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Maurizio Michieli, journalist of Primocanale, spoke about the moment of Sampdoria in view of the match against Torino. His statements

The reporter from Primocanale Maurizio Michieli, reached by the microphones of toronews.net, took stock of the Sampdoria from Roberto D’Aversa in view of the challenge with the Torino. Her words.

TURIN SAMPDORIA Sampdoria have a big problem in the defensive phase, they have already conceded 20 goals in the first 10 days and therefore an average of 2 per game. In theory, to win games this means that he should score 3 goals and it becomes difficult, now we have to see if D’Aversa will be able to find the balance. Torino is a very physical team and therefore could have the characteristics to put Sampdoria in difficulty, which in this first phase of the season does not seem very solid. In this situation, however, some good actions and some good victories were also born but it is a Sampdoria still indecipherable from a tactical point of view. However, I believe that whoever wins the most individual duels could win the game.

ORGANIC On paper, they are two fairly equivalent organic. Torino, after a not so convinced start, made some shots at the end of the market and now it seems a bit squarer than Sampdoria to me. Speaking of business together, a Torino player who is very much missing from Sampdoria today is Linetty. For what he showed in Sampdoria he is a player who knows how to do the two phases, knows how to fit in and occasionally scores goals.

LINETTYIn my opinion Linetty is a mezzala and is ideal in a three-man midfield. If we assume a line with a playmaker and a ball catcher, he may be the third able to fit in. I already see him less suitable for a two-man midfield. In my opinion, the criticism and disappointment towards him may arise from the fact that the Torino fans, like those of Sampdoria, are too fond of history. When a new player arrives he is expected to be on the same level as the greats of the past. Unfortunately today the reality for teams of this level is to compete for the center of the table and therefore Linetty cannot be seen as someone who changes the team but as one who can help.

PRAET Praet when he arrived at Sampdoria was considered a crack in world football and was a great blow. At that time it was taken for about 10 million, a relatively low figure because it was about to expire. In Belgium he mainly played high winger in a 4-3-3, while in Italy he played as an attacking midfielder or attacking midfielder with Sampdoria and objectively did well. Even for him, however, looking at the performance compared to the expectations he brought with him at the beginning of his career, there is a big difference. He is a good player but he is not someone who changes a team, even if he is better than Linetty and he is a little more European, but certainly I would like him back in Sampdoria.

D’AVERSA Giampaolo refused Ferrero’s flattery because he left an excellent memory here in Genoa and knowing that the team would not be strengthened enough, he preferred not to play the good memory left. In fact, D’Aversa came as the fourth choice after Ranieri, Gattuso and Giampaolo himself. Despite this, he was very well received by the fans who never digested Ranieri too well because he was accused of being too defensive a coach. I personally suspend the judgment on D’Aversa because for now I have not seen a well organized team but we are only on the tenth day and it is right to give him time ”.

SINGLE GRENADEIn Turin it is easy for me to tell the attackers because players like Belotti, Praet, Brekalo are strong and above all the latter is doing well. In Sampdoria, on the other hand, there is Candreva who has been in great shape for a few days while if I have to say an unexpected one I choose Gabbiadini who has not yet unlocked as a goal since he returned after the injury but has a warm foot and has been close to it lately. “.

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