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In the 23rd match of the season “Rīga” for the first time in post-match throws and loses – Hockey – Sportacentrs.com

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# In the first six matches of the season, the Rigans won five victories, taking third place in the Western Conference and fifth place in MHL. At the beginning of the season, relatively less strong teams competed, so points were accumulated more easily. After a good start, only five points have been won in the next 17 games.

# In the first period of today, the guests attacked more and threw the puck (0: 1). In the second period, the owners of the field took the initiative, but the opponents scored again (0: 2). In the third period, the hosts did not give up and continued to oppress the guests. The efforts of the Rigans were rewarded with two goal scores – first in the center of the attack zone Ričards Beņislavskis, who was neglected by the opponents, realized the numerical majority, but then Zigmārs Zīle arranged a chance for Patrik Zabusov, who stood out in front of the goal (2: 2). In the third second of extra time, the opponent noticed the violation and earned a rejection for two minutes, followed by a half-minute break, but the numerical majority was spent without very good scoring moments. SKA-Varyagi hockey players did better in the post-match throws.

# In the 23 matches of the season, the Rigans have played only twice in overtime and now for the first time they have scored after the game. This is the 15th loss in the last 17 matches. Riga is in 13th place in the Western Conference and 28th in the entire league, while the Leningrad region unit is currently balancing on the western eight.

# This season, the most productive player of the Riga season is 18-year-old Ģirts Silkalns, who has accumulated 17 (7 + 10) points in 23 matches.

# On October 30, Rigans in Pinki will once again fight with the Leningrad region “SKA-Varyagi”. On November 2 and 3, St. Petersburg “Dynamo” (currently the fourth place in the west) will visit Latvia, and on November 6 and 7 – Moscow “Dynamo”, which currently ranks sixth in the Western Conference.

HK Rīga – SKA-Varyagi 2: 3 (0: 1, 0: 1, 2: 0, 0: 0, 0: 1)

Gates: 18:02 Trufanov (Andreichenko, Remezovsky, more) 0:1, 33:11 Parajs (Romanovs, Andrejevs) 0:2, 40:54 Benislavsky (Burkits, Matejko, more) 1:2, 51:48 Zabusov (Tit) 2:2, Andreičenko, p.m. 2:3
Litter: 47-30
Penalty minutes: 10-10
Goalkeepers: Kārlis Mežsargs – Kirils Obiskalovs

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