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Important information about athletes’ disabilities in wheelchair baskets Fuji TV announcer Yusho Tabuchi

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Difficulty in wheelchair basketball broadcast

When an announcer is in charge of live broadcasting for the first time in a sports broadcast, I think that in most competitions, preparations will be made with reference to “precedents”. This is similar to what lawyers say, “based on past precedents …”.
If you have experience with your friends, you can listen to them, search for and watch live videos, and above all, the most important thing in the actual situation.On-site coverageWe will make the skeleton of the relay through.

However, the competition I was in charge of at the Tokyo Paralympics started in the dark, where such a theory does not apply.

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The actual condition of “Tokyo Paralympics wheelchair basketball 5th-6th place playoff”.
To be honest, until I was in charge of this “Wheelchair Basketball Live”, I focused on the Olympics when comparing the Paralympics and the Olympics.
In addition, although he had live experience in basketball for healthy people, he knew about wheelchair basketball through manga, but he was not familiar with the rules and regulations.
I started preparing with the thought of turning the first page of the textbook.

One of the attractions is the thrilling intensity

Wheelchair basketball is a major parasport in the world, with some professional teams in Europe and the United States.Japan national teamHiroaki KasaiorReio FujimotoAlso active in the German Bundesliga.
There are league games in Japan as well, and many club teams are active.

Kasai and Fujimoto Photo: Current affairs

When you actually see the game, it is a very aggressive and thrilling competition with the smell of burning tires, the intense metallic noise of wheelchairs colliding with each other, and frequent replacement of broken wheels.
Because there are so many collision playsMechanic specializing in wheelchair repairMany teams are accompanied by.

Unimaginable fierce collision Photo: Current affairs

Also, in Japanese gymnasiums, efforts are being made in many places to rent out wheelchairs for competitions, and an environment is being created where even healthy people can easily play from adults to children.

However, the first thing I felt when I started preparing for the broadcast was that there was far less information about Paralympians than Olympians.
Due to the fact that this tournament was a corona disaster, direct interviews with head coaches and players were restricted.
Therefore, it is reliable to collect information on the Internet, on paper, and at press conferences. However, the information was quite old, and it took time to get to the information I wanted to know, so I realized the difference from the Olympic Games. “The current situation is like this even in wheelchair basketball, which is said to be the flower shape of the Paralympics.Was a frank feeling.

Athletes’ disabilities are also an important factor in the game

And what I was most conscious of when communicating the Paralympics was information on the disabilities of the athletes.How long should we talk in the broadcastThat is the point.
Congenital or acquired, specific location and degree. If you have a disability due to an illness or accident, explain at that time.

The axis of the broadcast is to convey the match. It is the same as the Olympic broadcast that the player’s career and charm are interwoven and live, but what is the best ratio to tell the degree of disability and story there?Especially for wheelchair basketballClassification by disabilityThe points given to each player are different, so it is actually very important information to convey the game.
I always kept in mind the balance when I went to the broadcast.

This time I relayed the men’s 5th-6th place playoff. It is a face-to-face meeting between Turkey and Australia.
I wrote earlier that there is no information, but in the case of teams other than JapanNo further information
However, the cooperation of the producers, directors, and staff who have been interviewing the Paralympics since this broadcast was decided. I was also blessed with the opportunity to talk to active wheelchair basketball players. Anyway, I was able to row in the broadcast with the desire to have people feel the charm and fun of wheelchair basketball.

Men’s representative from Japan who achieved a feat

The Tokyo Paralympics Wheelchair Basketball Men’s National Team said, “Win the world with defenseWe achieved a historic achievement under the theme of “. The first medal in history,Won a silver medal.. Defeating a strong man who excels in physique, the fighting that makes use of the shooting power and speed unique to Japan was wonderful. The Japanese national team this time is said to be the strongest team ever, with young players and veterans mingling with each other.

Photo: AFP = current affairs

In Olympic basketball, the Japan Women’s National Team also received a lot of attention with a silver medal. In the same way, although it was a non-spectator, I think that I was able to achieve great results by holding it in my own country and to appeal the competition of wheelchair basketball all over Japan.
A star named Renshi Chokai, who led Japan by shooting, rebounding and assisting, was also born.

Renshi Chokai who showed a wonderful play Photo: Current affairs

This tournamentIt was broadcast for the first time on commercial broadcastersTokyo Paralympics. The wonderful result of the silver medal will be used for the further development of wheelchair basketball in the future.
And I hope that the media, including the media, will continue this fever and connect it to the 2024 Paris Games.

Fuji TV announcer Hiroaki Tabuchi

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