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Iksan City opens public sports facilities… “Strict quarantine rules”

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Iksan City Hall, Jeollabuk-do

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(Iksan = Yonhap News) Reporter In-cheol Hong = The city of Iksan, North Jeolla Province, announced on the 27th that it would fully open public sports facilities to relieve the fatigue of citizens due to the prolonged novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Target facilities include a foot volleyball court in the sports complex, a badminton court and gateball court in the Baesan Indoor Gymnasium, the Ungpo Cultural Center gymnasium, and an outdoor multi-purpose stadium.

The temporary closure of public sports facilities operated for the prevention of COVID-19 will also be lifted.

However, facilities that are open will be operated while complying with the social distancing 3-step quarantine guidelines.

In order to prevent the spread of Corona, the number of people entering the outdoor sports facility is limited to 1.5 times the number of people in the competition, and the number of people in the indoor sports facility is limited according to the number of people in each event.

An official from Iksan City said, “As concerns about the spread of Corona still exist, we urge you to follow quarantine rules when using sports facilities.”

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