“I sh … on it!” – Poldi reckons with the world footballer choice – Bundesliga

World champion plain text at the “Bayern-Insider”!

In the Sunday broadcast on BILD-TV, BILD presenters Christian Falk and Valentina Maceri welcomed ex-national player Lukas Podolski (36).

Poldi about the upcoming Ballon D’Or world footballer election, where Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski has good chances: “I give a shit about this election. Everything is not always fair there. The choice has a lot to do with politics, awareness of how someone appears. I think this choice should be made based on position. The best in the world – you can’t compare that. “

Poldi about his home move to Poland club Górnik Zabrze: “It was always a dream of mine to come back here again. It just never worked before. I was born three kilometers from the stadium. I’ve always said: I want to play for this club one day. I try to help the club on and off the pitch. “

Poldi on Bayern’s 5-0 defeat in Gladbach: “You have these days when you get in the face. Bayern have deviated enough and can shake once. The people are happy that Bayern got one on the sack. That’s the big issue in Germany. “

Poldi about Upamecano: “I saw him in Leipzig and I thought he was outstanding. At Bayern he doesn’t have this stability yet. Somewhat astonishing, because in Nagelsmann he has the trainer he had before. “

Poldi about his friend Jerome Boateng and his summer farewell to Bavaria: “I was a bit surprised. I would have held him and he wanted to stay too. Pity.”

Poldi on Bayern star Leroy Sané: “You know his class, what he’s capable of. Flick and Nagelsmann give him confidence. But whether he will take the next step remains to be seen. At Bavaria you are in the spotlight. “

Poldi about ex-national coach Jogi Löw, who had become quiet after his departure from the DFB: “I am always in contact with Jogi. He once wrote that he would like to visit me in Poland. I said: gladly. You’re invited. A vodka and a good game. And then he said, yes, we’ll stay in contact and he’ll come over. “

Podolski actually drinks almost no alcohol at all. Poldi: “Finally, when you’ve worked together for so long, become world champions together, then you can whiz one down.”

Poldi on the development of the national team: “You don’t have the types that existed before. You can see what kind of talents other nations have. We have them too. But we are missing these characters Effenberg, Basler, Oliver Kahn … “

Poldi on the vaccination discussion about Bayern star Joshua Kimmich: “It’s a discussion in Germany as if a felon had been caught. Not fair that Joshua should be pilloried for this. We are a free country and everyone can decide for themselves what to do. I think it’s unfair that Kimmich is portrayed as if he had done something wrong. He can decide for himself what to do. You have had enough of the Corona issue. I think everyone is pissed off. “

And about his own vaccination plans after the end of his convalescent status next spring: “I’ll get advice and then I’ll decide what to do. I can decide for myself. “

Even at the end of his great career, Poldi doesn’t mince his words …




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