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“I say to myself but man… what are you turning on ?! “

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Since the time of Julius Erving, the rules have evolved in such a way that we often talk about a game that benefits the attacker rather than the defender. For the KnuckeHeads Podcast, Quentin Richardson (NBA player from 2000 to 2013) asked the legend 11 times All-Star, 1 time NBA champion and 1 time MVP (3 times in ABA) to share his vision of the current NBA.

“Yes there is a huge advantage as a forward, that’s why you see so many guys ‘dancing’. At the time if you did that we were going to bump into you (he sticks his elbow out, mimicking a blow in the chest), direct. You’re not going to dance in front of me, we’re not at the nightclub!

I evolved with the game. So when a pivot took a rebound, went up the field and started to initiate the attack at the head of the racket with a small hand-off before stepping back and stalling in the corner, it was like ‘But when are you gonna step foot in big fella paint?’ But that’s how it is today. The game has evolved, changed, luckily the coaches followed. A lot of fans want to see 3-pointers. I don’t think everyone should be licensed to shoot when you see some of those shots (laughs) but hey… when a guy misses 5 or 6 then puts one in and kisses the guy. heaven or he slaps his chest there… I’m here I tell myself but man… what turns you on ?! “Julius Erving

Darius Miles then asked him if some NBA players reminded him of this old-fashioned way of playing, offering the comparison Kevin DurantGeorge Gervin.

“Yes Kevin Durant is the perfect example of the way Gervin played. And there were also grown-ups capable of shooting from afar, in ABA or NBA. But with Ice it was special because we were teammates. My sophomore was his first year, so when I see him today I say ‘hey rookie’. Because he was my rookie! Once in training he wanted to go home and I told him you can’t leave man, we have to stay in the gym, we still have work to do. Because he arrived in the middle of the season. I wouldn’t have held him back, I wanted to see how he would react. His thing was to look at the little white square above the circle. He had a different version of my finger roll, from further away, using the square. “

via KnuckeHeads Podcast


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