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“Husband, who played badminton and went hiking, died after Moderna’s second vaccination”

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Illustration = Design reporter Im Jong-cheol

A national petition has been filed, complaining of injustice, saying that her husband died after receiving a second vaccine for COVID-19.

On the 28th, a petition titled ‘Death the next day after Moderna’s second vaccination’ was posted on the Blue House’s petition bulletin board.

Petitioner A, who introduced herself as a 59-year-old mother of a 32-year-old daughter and a 24-year-old son, said, “My husband, who was working in a healthy way, died the next day after receiving the Moderna 2nd vaccine.”

Regarding her husband, Mr. A said, “I was taking medicine for high blood pressure, but I was taking good care of it enough to go hiking with my badminton club.”

She continued, “The optometrist said that my husband died of cardiac arrest.” “(Husband) came home after receiving Moderna’s second vaccine, waved his arms saying, ‘It’s okay,’ and ate dinner as usual, but that short half-day was the last. It has become,” he wrote.

Person A lamented, “I was so unfair and frustrated about what to do, so I went to the Democratic Party’s office and the People’s Power’s office, but I didn’t hear anything.”

He said, “The government still has not given me any answers in this terrible pain,” he said.

Person A appealed for help, saying, “It was the first report of the death the next day after vaccination in Suseong-gu, Daegu, and the police station also processed the autopsy quickly, but the results are still unaccounted for.”

Reporter Lee Young-min [email protected]

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