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Hundreds of people celebrate the first “Taiwan Day” in Springfield, Massachusetts | Springfield | Masks

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[Epoch Times October 31, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Liu Jingye reported by Springfield City) Under the rainy weather at noon on October 30th, the red flag was rising in front of the Springfield City Hall in Massachusetts. . This was the first “Taiwan Day” celebration in Springfield, Massachusetts, and received support from the mayor, local Massachusetts legislators and about 150 spectators.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the rain stopped for a while. The dignitaries and guests participating in the event raised their flags in front of the gray and majestic city hall. Participants included Mayor Domenic Sarno, Representative Angelo Puppolo of Massachusetts, Sun Jianyuan, Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston, Liu Zongsheng, Chairman of the Taiwanese Folks Association of Western Massachusetts, and Naismith Basketball Celebrities Church president John Doleva, nonprofit organization Rick’s Place CEO Rose (Therese Ross) and so on.

Ouyang Shan led the singing of the national anthems of the United States and the Republic of China, which was praised by the mayor as beautiful and beautiful. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)
About 150 people participated in the first Springfield Taiwan Day celebration. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)

Then at the Springfield Concert Hall next door, the well-known Taiwanese daughter-in-law Ouyang Shan took the stage to lead the singing of the American national anthem and the national anthem of the Republic of China. After the guests gave their speeches, more than 100 audience members also enjoyed the theatrical performances brought by the Chinese Folk Art Workshop, including dragon dance, lion dance, bell, martial arts, classical dance and so on.

The dragon dance performance brought by the Chinese Folk Art Workshop. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)
Martial arts performances brought by the Chinese Folklore Art Workshop. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)
The art booth of the Hakka Folk Association attracted many people. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)

Mayor Sarno especially thanked Taiwan for donating 10,000 masks to Chuntian City during the epidemic. In a congratulatory letter, he thanked Taiwan for its contribution to the fight against the epidemic, as well as the support of the Scripture Office for cultural exchanges between the two places, and declared October 30 this year as “Springfield Taiwan Day”.

Sarno also praised Ouyang Shan’s beautiful national anthem. “This is the first time I have heard Taiwan’s national anthem. It is a very, very beautiful song.” He said.

The Mayor of Springfield, Domenic Sarno, thanked Taiwan for donating 10,000 masks to the local area last year. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)

The Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Trade Development Committee Propolo said that Taiwan is the 11th largest trading partner of Massachusetts and a “true friend” of Massachusetts and the United States.

“Taiwan has a mature democratic system and economy, which embodies what people can achieve in an environment of universal freedom. It took only a few decades for Taiwan to develop into a high-tech economy with health insurance that is admired by the world. System.” He said.

Propolo also mentioned that Taiwan has donated 400,000 masks to Massachusetts, proving that “Taiwan can help, and it is indeed helping.”

Representative Angelo Puppolo of Massachusetts expects “Taiwan Day” to become an annual event in Springfield. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)

Liu Zongsheng said happily that he has settled in western Massachusetts for 40 years, and this is the first time he has raised the blue sky and white sun flag here. He said that the national flag of the People’s Republic of China and the American flag are composed of blue, white, and red colors, which just reflect the common values ​​of the two countries, that is, “democracy and freedom.” The friendship between the two parties was demonstrated during the epidemic: Taiwan has donated masks to Massachusetts and all over the United States, and the United States has also donated vaccines to Taiwan.

On the economic front, Liu Zongsheng said that he is very happy to see TSMC enter Phoenix, Arizona, and hopes that Taiwanese companies will come to Springfield to set up factories in the future.

Liu Zongsheng, who has settled in western Massachusetts for 40 years, is very happy to raise the Qingtianbairi flag for the first time. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)

On behalf of Taiwan, Sun Jianyuan donated US$1,000 to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and donated US$1,000 to Rick’s Place on behalf of E Ink, a Taiwanese enterprise in Massachusetts. Through the donation of masks in the past year and this donation, Sun Jianyuan hopes to express his concerns about the well-being of Chuntian City and hopes that the two sides will increase exchanges in the future.

On behalf of the Scripture Department, Sun Jianyuan donated US$1,000 to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)
On behalf of E Ink, Sun Jianyuan donated US$1,000 to Rick’s Place charity organization. (Liu Jingye/The Epoch Times)

On that day, many overseas Chinese leaders drove more than an hour to participate in the grand event, including Guo Jingru, the committee member of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, Ruan Hongcan, the chairman of the Ruan Family Residence, Xie Rujian, the chairman of the Zhaolun Residence, and Feng Wenluan, the chairman of the Pushi Chinese Culture Studio. ◇

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