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How was the level of the rookies until week 6?

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The draft was an essential opportunity to rebuild part of the roster. The defense was undoubtedly the unit that needed to start almost from scratch because of the level shown last season. That was precisely the direction most of the eleven picks the Cowboys made in April.

Logically, you can’t ask for that much from a rookie at the beginning of his NFL career. However, it’s interesting to see how the drafts and some undrafted free agents have performed so far. Finding the most outstanding will not be difficult at all, but there was a good contribution from the rest.

Micah Parsons – Ronda 1, pick 12

Dallas wanted a cornerback with its 10 overall pick. That wasn’t possible because both the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos erased their favorites. With Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain out of the equation, it was time for the decision. A left tackle for the future on Rashawn Slater or the best defender available with the present in mind.

Management opted for the second option. The most prominent prospect on that side of the ball was none other than the Penn State alumnus. Extra-sports drawbacks sowed certain doubts about whether it was wise to risk a premium pick on it. It is still very early in his career, but the contribution he is making is unavoidable.

A multifaceted linebacker like Parsons brought him to life on defense. The hiring of Dan Quinn was very important, although without talent no coordinator can make a competitive team. There is no doubt that the young man was in these six weeks everything that was expected due to his rare characteristics.

The main reason the Cowboys selected an LB so high in the order was his ability to put pressure on the quarterback. That was believed to be occasional. However, DeMarcus Lawrence’s injury forced him to alter plans a bit. The results obtained back up without regard for Quinn’s bet to line him up several times at the line of scrimmage.

Statistics rank Parsons second behind Randy Gregory in sacks with 2.5. Although he is the leader in QB hits with ten. That shows that he gets to the passer often when he’s about to pitch. Beyond the numbers, the most relevant thing is the impact it has on the attitude of the defense. His speed allows him to be everywhere.

Osa Odighizuwa – Ronda 3, pick 75

The defensive tackle position was a sector that Dallas could no longer avoid. For that reason, the use of an interesting selection in the third round there should not have come as a surprise. The existing idea was for it to be a rotating piece until it was adapted. A backup tool from Neville Gallimore to keep the Canadian cool on the ground.

Although Gallimore’s injury in the preseason advanced the projections of the successful former wrestling champion. All Odighizuwa did was exploit the snaps they gave him to the maximum and he looks better and better. The manager has already landed two sacks, eight hits to the quarterback and three tackle-for-loss in promising performances.

Chauncey Golston – Ronda 3, pick 84

The development of the draft made it clear that wide receiver DeVonta Smith was going to fall to the NFC East. With the Giants and Eagles selecting just after the Cowboys, Jerry Jones took advantage of the situation to get an additional pick. Philadelphia sent a third-round option to get the wide receiver it wanted out of New York’s hands.

While its contributions were a bit more silent, it proved to be a reliable tool. The defensive end was inactive for the first two games, but thereafter he was on at least 50% of defensive plays in each game. Golston’s figures are 0.5 sacks, a fumble recovered and a QB hit.

Jabril Cox – Ronda 4, pick 115

Cox was screened for Day 2 by college football experts. His performance at LSU marked him as a linebacker to follow. Stopping ground attacks was not the area where he excelled, but in coverage it was perhaps the best. For that reason, having chosen him with the 115 overall pick was surprising.

His participation so far was not so much in game time. On defense, he had just nine snaps. However, when he was called to action against the Giants he responded. That hit from Daniel Jones prevented a score at the 1-yard line. Jaylon Smith’s exit will give him more chances.

Quinton Bohanna – Ronda 6, pick 192

The sixth round was the one to choose the typical defensive tackle who absorbs blocks. Your statistics are never going to be striking for the role you have, but your task may be relevant for others to shine. Ground attacks were a weakness that Dallas tried to diminish with Bohanna. The rookie was in 28% of the defensive plays.

Kelvin Joseph – Ronda 2, pick 44 y Nahshon Wright – Ronda 3, pick 99

The cornerbacks enter together here because their participation was very similar so far. Joseph was another questionable decision with high expectations. While he hasn’t had a snap yet, that was partly due to his presence on the disabled list. However, the image he left in the preseason was quite worrying.

Wright was another criticized pick because many didn’t even have him as a draftable prospect. That didn’t matter to the franchise though, and they took the cornerback primarily because of his height. Despite the fact that he lined up little on defense, the CB was a participant in 78% of the plays on special teams.

Josh Ball – Ronda 4, pick 138

The offensive tackle was placed on the disabled list in September, so he will not be part of the team this year.

Simi Fehoko – Round 5 – pick 179

The wide receiver was active in only the first three games with four snaps on offense and 22 on special teams. It has no statistics.

Israel Mukuamu – Ronda 6, pick 227

The defensive back entered the field in the win over the Eagles. There he saw four plays on defense and eight on special teams.

Matt Farniok – Ronda 7, pick 238

As an offensive lineman, his only chances were the 22% snaps he had on special teams.

Nick Ralston – Free agent not drafted

Fullback is an unfilled roster spot. The injuries of his competitors in training camp brought him closer. It is true that he was on the offensive in just one play, but his activity in special teams reaches 51% of the plays in that unit.

Austin Faoliu – Undrafted free agent

Losses on the inside of the defensive line opened a spot for him to hit two tackles against the Panthers in their only game of the season.

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