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How is the rest of the division after the

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The sixth set of games helped the Cowboys make a considerable difference in the lead of the NFC East. The unforgettable victory for how it happened in New England placed them with a 5-1 record. Although there is still a long way to go, the division became very uphill for the other three franchises that comprise it. In turn, they all have a losing brand.

Washington Football Team (2-4)

The Football Team gradually fell into reality. Beyond starting as Dallas’ main rival to reach the postseason with the divisional title, the performance is lower than last year. Especially in the area that was his great strength. This time the challenge ahead was quite complicated.

The Chiefs led 2-3 with many doubts, but they are a remarkably superior team. It was foreseeable that he would receive more than 30 points, although what was disappointing was the performance of the offense. Despite Kansas City having one of the worst defenses in the NFL, Washington was just 31-13 at home.

His next challenge is on the road against the Green Bay Packers (5-1) at Lambeau Field.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-4)

The Eagles had put behind a string of three consecutive knockdowns turning the game against the Panthers. However, the short week he had playing on Thursday night makes it difficult to use the time to plan a game perfectly. If the opponent is also Tom Brady, the situation is problematic.

Philadelphia logically could not with Tampa Bay despite being the local. At one point in the match, the scoreboard indicated a difference of 21 in favor of the defending champion. On closing they managed to get closer, but it was not enough to avoid a defeat that would be 28-22. The attack continues to demonstrate an inability to produce that the head coach cannot solve.

The rival that awaits the Eagles are the Raiders in Las Vegas (4-2).

New York Giants (1-5)

The Giants arrived motivated to the previous divisional duel. Although the result along with the development set them back even further in their distant attempt to fight the NFC East. The Cowboys’ landslide victory wasn’t the worst news for coach Joe Judge, but the injuries they sustained complicated them for the foreseeable future. Daniel Jones was ultimately able to play after getting through the concussion protocol. However, his preparation was altered.

The most important pieces that surround him on offense did not participate. Saquon Barkley and Kenny Golladay were absent, making the quarterback’s task nearly impossible. Jones threw three scoreless interceptions in a very unfavorable context. The beating of the Rams was merciless. The 38-11 they achieved in New York raised questions in various areas for New Yorkers.

The following week they will host the Carolina Panthers (3-3).

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