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HidayetTürkoğlu gave the good news! basketball games…

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TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu made striking statements before the election. Türkoğlu said, “We presented to our minister of sports that all matches will be on open channels and channels in the upcoming period. He said he would support us.”

TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu was the guest of beIN SPORTS before the election.

The headlines of Türkoğlu are as follows:

There is more we want to do. There are some good things we’ve done so far. When I started this job, I was expressing that I wanted to serve as the presidency for two terms. We set out for the interests of Turkish basketball. I have always been a fair, transparent and responsible person. I express at every opportunity that I will continue in the same line.

I tried to help everyone at the point where they could solve the problems in the legal sense. I always answered everyone’s phones. As TBF, the most important thing for me is whether any of our clubs can reach any of our directors 24/7. We did not have such a problem with this. I want to congratulate my own team here.

We had the opportunity to participate in tournaments that we had previously participated in by taking wild cards, with our rights and the matches we won. These are not enough. We are in talks with our clubs so that our Turkish players get more opportunities.

As a result of the changes we made in the foreign rule, the duration of the Turkish players was increased. We see that we made the right decision after the responsibility we took while going down from 6 foreigners to 5 foreigners in terms of management.

We have silver medal in U-18 in 2019. Alperen Şengün was one of these friends. If we were a medal-oriented administration, we could have played Alperen in the U-20 tournament. But we wanted to adapt him to the National Team as soon as possible.

We are the federation that should be criticized the least. Do you know how many facilities TBF has, especially in the last 30 years? Ankara Sports Hall, built by our state only in 2010. Do you know how painful this situation is? It is sad that they criticize us over Abdi İpekçi in terms of facilities. People need to know the truth. The roof of the Abdi İpekçi Hall was a life-threatening risk. The federation before us had it under the carpet. While Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall was being demolished, we incorporated Sinan Erdem Sports Hall. During this process, we talked to many architects. At the point we have arrived at, thank goodness, we will lay the foundation and bring a facility that has not been brought into Turkish sports history. We want it to be completed within 18 months.

In the upcoming period, we presented to our minister of sports that all matches will be on open channels and channels. He said he would support us.





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