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Here is the list of all of Allegri’s faults

by archysport

Endless nightmare. Fourth away defeat of the season, yet another setback that completely frustrates the positive ministriss that seemed to have begun and that was immediately interrupted (one point in the last three games): for Juventus the knockout of Verona is the certification of the crisis. It is difficult to indicate even the goal to be achieved, first of all the pieces have to be reconstructed. Having skipped all the tables of Allegri, who was waiting for the November break to draw up an initial balance, the fans are furious both for the result and for the game than for the character of a team that is slowly falling apart.

The fans blame Allegri for the Juve crisis

On the web, as after every Juventus match or almost, Allegri enters the twitter top trend. And this time the accusations are even heavier: “I have seen friendly a Villar Perosa with more rhythm and aggression ”or even:“ Why doesn’t Allegri retire? Yet another wrong formation “, or:” The boys seem without motivation, without blood. There is no leader who motivates them and pushes them to run “,

Some remember: “With Allegri we played like this even when we had Pirlo Pogba and Vidal. You have all forgotten when he would throw himself long up Mandzukic on the wing and how many games were resolved by episodic play. The dominated ones are very rare “or even:” Allegri does not have the character the strength to make his players tremble simply, this is what emerges on the pitch after 10 days, going so far is risky the team fails because Allegri does not have an identity to zero, the club made a mistake “, or:” Allegri is not suited to reforming a mentality and shaping a young team, he has always inherited teams with already formed bones. He did it in Milan after Ancelotti and in Juve after Conte ”.

There are those who ask for exemption: “it’s 8.30 am on Sunday 31 October and I still don’t see anyone measure serious from the company. Let’s continue like this “.

Finally, who takes it out on the club: “But is it always the fault of the coaches? Before Often, after Pirlo and now Allegri but when it comes to management responsibility? In 3 years a bankruptcy purchasing campaign see Rabiot see Ramsey see Kulusevski ”.



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