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Her 18 year old daughter Jaz is so beautiful

by archysport

She is Germany’s tennis queen: with her 22 Grand Slam wins, Steffi Graf is one of the German sports elite. Her husband Andre Agassi can also boast eight wins and together they are practically the royal couple of tennis. The two have two children – Jaz (18) and Jaden (19). Her daughter Jaz in particular is rarely seen – the enthusiasm of the fans about the latest family snapshot is all the greater.

Steffi Graf: Family photo for four

At 19, Jaden Agassi is about to follow in his parents’ famous footsteps – but not in tennis, but in baseball. The 19-year-old regularly shares updates on his steep sports career on Instagram – and now a rare family snapshot. On it you can see not only the proud parents, but also his one year younger sister Jaz. The 18-year-old holds back in public, her Instagram profile is set to private. But in Jaden’s story we can see: She is a beautiful young woman!

You can find the picture of the four stars in the video:


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