Gregoria Contributes Victory, Score Makes 1-1

Indonesian Women’s Singles, Gregoria Mariska Tunjung. (Source:

VANTAA, KOMPAS.TV – Gregoria Mariska Tunjung managed to contribute one point for Indonesia in the 2021 Sudirman Cup big 8 match against Malaysia, Friday (1/10/2021) night WIB.

After the Minions lost in the first match, Gregoria Mariska Tunjung against Kisona Selvaduray was determined to equalize for Indonesia.

At the beginning of the first set, Gregoria and Kisona had a fierce competition in terms of numbers when they chased each other at 2-2.

However, some mistakes made by Gregoria made Kisona managed to lead 6-2.

Despite trying to catch up, Kisona managed to stay ahead at the interval at 11-8.

After the interval, the resurgent Gregoria managed to reduce the score to 11-10.

However, Kisona was again able to lead 13-10 after getting two consecutive points.

At that number, Kisona had received treatment from the medical team due to his elbow being injured and bleeding.

Even so, Kisona was still able to excel from Gregoria at 16-13.

Gregoria who did not give up just managed to get up and equalize to 17-17.




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