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French Open Final 2021: Stopped in the Semifinals, Kento Momota Kualat against Jonatan Christie and Shi Yuqi? : Okezone Sports

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KENTO Momota had bad luck when he faced his compatriot, Kanta Tsuneyama, in the semifinals of the 2021 French Open which took place on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at night WIB. Kento Momota was eliminated after deciding to withdraw due to an injury. Was it because Kento Momota had fallen for Jonathan Christie and Shi Yuqi?

Kento Momota made an impressive appearance at the 2021 French Open. In succession, he defeated Srikanth Kidambi in the first round, Rasmus Gemke (16th) and Shesar Hiren Rhustavito (quarter-finals).

Kento Momota’s chances of winning the 2021 French Open are even greater because his main competitor, Viktor Axelsen (injured), withdrew due to an injury in the first round. Unfortunately, Kento Momota’s steps at the 2021 French Open were stopped in the semifinals.

Facing Kanta Tsuneyama, Kento Momota won 26-24 in the first set. Then in the second set, Kanta Tsuneyama won 21-11. Then in the third set, the match did not run until the end because Kento Momota suffered an injury.

Unfortunately for Kento Momota, the points obtained from the first round to the quarter-finals of the French Open 2021 are not counted by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). This fact refers to the BWF regulations that have been implemented since 2015.

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Under that rule, a player who withdraws in the middle of a match against a compatriot in a Super 500 level tournament or higher, that player gets zero points in that tournament.

This rule was introduced to prevent one of the badminton players from deliberately losing, in order to help one of the players improve their ranking or for other reasons. Now the question is, did Kento Momota suffer an injury due to an attack on Jonatan Christie (Indonesia) and Shi Yuqi (China)?

Kento Momota

For your information, Jonathan Christie and Shi Yuqi suffered injuries against Kento Momota in two different events. Kento Momota faced Shi Yuqi in the 2020 Thomas Cup semifinals. In the first set, Shi Yuqi won 22-20. However, in the second set problems began to be experienced by Shi Yuqi so that he lost 5-21.

In the third set, Shi Yuqi couldn’t take it anymore and finally decided to withdraw. Meanwhile, Jonatan Christie was defeated by Kento Momota in the quarter-finals of the Denmark Open 2021. At that time, Jonatan Christie lost 13-21 in the first set and chose to withdraw in the second due to an injury.

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