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Frankfurt Fan Violence: The Problem of Unity

by archysport

Eintracht Frankfurt has a fan problem. This is nothing new, and that is precisely why the situation is worrying. Fired flares, initiated space storms, property damage – these are just a few of the offenses from the past few years. The Bundesliga club has already had to pay several hundred thousand euros in fines due to the behavior of its supporters.

In the past few months, calm seemed to have returned, but that impression was deceptive. It was mainly due to the fact that no or only a few spectators were allowed into the stadium due to the pandemic. Because a sudden change of heart of some fans has not yet been noticed.

How the violent among them still tick became clear last week at the Europa League game in Antwerp. Around 300 Eintracht fans, some of them masked, threw chairs, stones, garbage cans and firecrackers around them in the city center, and the Belgian police came with a large contingent. There was no adequate reaction from those responsible for the association.

Club and supporters – this has been a special relationship for years. On the one hand, players, coaches and board members celebrate their fans again and again for their vocal and visually powerful support. On the other hand, the impression is solidifying that parts of the fans have long since led a life of their own and have become an uncontrollable power factor within the club.


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