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Four Mexicans for the title of the fall classic

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The Major League Baseball Divisional Series has started and there are four Mexican players who have managed to access, together with their respective teams, this attractive stage of the agonizing 2021 season of Major League Baseball (MLB); Among them the Los Angeles Dodgers shooter, Julio Urías, who in the regular calendar finished as the leader of victories in the two Leagues, the American and the National, and will seek to be a factor to endorse the title held by the team led by Dave Roberts .

It should be mentioned that already in the previous season, when the Los Angeles squad conquered its seventh championship, the Sinaloan was a fundamental piece particularly in the postseason, after having had an excellent closing of the regular season and already packed, he achieved success until the last Game of the Final Series being the architect of the Dodgers breaking the curse of 32 years without winning the Fall Classic.

On this occasion, Urías arrives in full condition for the playoffs; with his 20 victories in tow; strengthened; mature; disciplined, consolidated, and with a prestige already as a starter on Roberts’ roster, who will surely give him the confidence to show himself from the mound of responsibilities.

Another Mexican who is presenting himself in the postseason at an excellent moment is Luis Urías, who has exhibited a very good performance dressed in the Milwaukee Brewers flannel. The Sonoran infielder, who became the first Mexican to steal five bases in a game this season, finished the ordinary schedule as the Brewers’ best player in connected hits (122), as well as second in homers (23) and runs brought. to the plate.

For his part, Mazatlan pitcher José Luis Hernández Urquidy, with the Houston Astros, has had a difficult season due to discomfort in his shoulder, which last June caused him to be placed on the disabled list and is just back on the roster headline. The good news is that he is practically recovered and he may be given the confidence to open Monday’s game (if a fourth game is reached) against the Chicago White Sox.

The other Mexican in action is Alexander Brady Verdugo, this outstanding outfielder of the Boston Red Sox, powerful with the marro who had an outstanding participation in the duel for the American League wild card when he debuted in the playoffs with a double and a single to drive three. of the six runs that eliminated the New York Yankees.

So we will have to closely follow these four prominent Mexican major leaguers who have crept into the Division Series, hoping they achieve successful performances.

It should be remembered that in the title dispute, Julio Urías with his Los Angeles Dodgers faces a series with the San Francisco Giants; Luis Urías from the hand of the Milwaukee Brewers meet the Atlanta Braves; José Urquidy and the Houston Astros dispute the pass with the Chicago White Sox and Alex Verdugo with the Boston Red Sox faces the Tampa Bay Rays.


The team led by Roberto “Chapo” Vizcarra started with the right foot its eighth season in the Mexican Pacific League LMP by winning the first series that it was in turn to play with Sultanes de Monterrey by sweep; Although the negative was losing his shortstop, Amadeo Zazueta, due to a broken foot and he will be replaced by Misael Rivera from the series that begins against Algodoneros de Guasave.

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