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FootGolf Cancun players join the fight against breast cancer

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Cancun Quintana Roo.- Last weekend, FootGolf Cancun celebrated the first edition of the Match-Play Tournament against Cancer, after having played qualifying at the Pok-Ta-Pok Golf Club on Saturday and the final this Sunday at El Tinto Golf Course in the Cancún Country Club, having as champions Ovilia Cruz in Ladies, Daniel Moguel in Group “A” and Rodrigo Boneta in Group “B”.

Now having the opportunity to play under the Match-Play format in addition to being able to take advantage of the two fields to practice Footgolf in Cancun, with limited space to be able to develop two quarter-final brackets and with the visit of Agustín Ranno and Fernanda Posat , two passionate Argentines who took advantage of their vacations to dispute this unique date.

On Friday the 5 foursomes that were integrated by lottery were announced so that on Saturday in Pok-Ta-Pok the qualifier would take place where the first two of each group advanced to Group “A” and the remaining two would go to Group ” B ”for Sunday at El Tinto.

Meanwhile in the Ladies category, on Saturday they had the opportunity to measure themselves for the first time to meet their rivals and in the case of women, Azul Torres appeared for the second time and also made her debut in sport Erika Teyssier . Undoubtedly an excellent moment for these two young promises of the sport who could be fired with the Argentine Fernanda Posat and with Ovilia Cruz who is shaping up to be the champion of the Serial 2021 of the Cancun FootGolf League.

The groups were as follows; in Group “A”:
1.-Erick Sánchez
2.-Agustín Ranno
3.-Orlando Vázquez
4.-Misael Arellano
5.-Argenis Gutiérrez
6.-Daniel Moguel
7.-Rodolfo Villicaña
8.-Miguel Sánchez

B Group”:

1.-José Luis Meza
2.-Julio Flores
3.- Walter Rodriguez
4.-Adrian Angel
5.-Richard Ramirez
6.-Federico Canepa
7.-Rodrigo Boneta
8.- Alberto Rodríguez

On Sunday under the same match-play format but with direct elimination, the field of El Tinto Golf Course looked in excellent condition for the game and the first phase of group B ran normally, leaving those located from 2 to 4 to the next round except for José Luis Meza who was eliminated by Alberto Rodríguez from Playa del Carmen. While in Group “A”, surprisingly those who advanced were those located from 5 to 8.

In the semifinals of Group “B” they faced Alberto Rodríguez Vs Rodrigo Boneta and Walter Rodríguez Vs Adrián Ángel. Regarding Group “A” they faced Miguel Álvarez Vs. Rodolfo Villicaña and Daniel Moguel Vs. Argenis Gutiérrez for the pass to the final.

The Ladies, for their part, faced each other directly in their foursome all against all, resulting as Champion Ovilia Cruz who after drawing on points with Fernanda Posat but with the result of the game between the two, the cancunense won the victory.

The title of Group “B” went to Rodrigo Boneta who reached the final after beating Alberto Rodríguez in the semifinals and on the other hand Adrián Ángel, who reached the final defeating Walter Rodriguez on the way, settled for second place .

While group “A”, Rodolfo Villicaña and Daniel Moguel faced each other in the final after beating Miguel Álvarez and Argenis Gutiérrez in the semifinals respectively, in this final Moguel and Villicaña defined the champion until the last instance and it is that they tied in the usual route and after the sum of points, they had to make 3 penalty putts, after which the parity continued and in sudden death it was Moguel who managed to prevail to rise as Champion.

Ovilia Cruz, Rodrigo Boneta and Daniel Moguel were consecrated as well as champions of the Match-Play Vs Cancer Tournament and were awarded a bottle of Mezcal Augurio in the case of the Ladies category, on the other hand in Gentlemen “A” and “B ”, Moguel and Boneta received a certificate courtesy of our friends Mr. Pampas and the 3 won their registration for the 5th date of the Quintana Roo Cup of FootGolf on November 21st.

The next date for the FootGolf in the state of Quintana Roo of the Cancun FootGolf League will be the last Federated of this year, and that is that the 2021 series culminates with the tenth date on November 6 and after which we will meet the Absolute Champion , Amateur Champion, Gentlemen Champion, Senior Champion and Ladies Champion.

Official Results
FootGolf tournament
Match-Play Vs. Cancer
October 23 and 24, 2021

1.-Ovilia Cruz
2.-Fernanda Posat
3.-Ericka Teyssier
4.-Azul Torres

Champion A
1.- Daniel Moguel
2.- Rodolfo Villicaña
3.-Argenis Gutiérrez
4.-Miguel Álvarez
5.-Erick Sánchez
6.-Misael Arellano
7.-Agustín Ranno
8.-Orlando Vázquez

Champion “B”
1.- Rodrigo Boneta
2.-Adrián Ángel
3.-Walter Rodríguez
4.-Alberto Rodríguez
5.-Richard Ramírez
6.- José Luis Meza
7.- Julio Flores
8.- Federico Canepa


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