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Football with ecstasy, hash and telephone kicked over prison wall

by archysport

Wardens of the prison in Zaanstad intercepted a striking package this week, intended for a detainee. A football kicked over the prison walls contained large chunks of hashish, ecstasy, rolling papers, a phone with charger and SIM cards.

“My staff was told through the media that a football with stuff in it would be kicked over the wall on Monday,” Veldman, director of the Zaanstad Judicial Complex, told NH Nieuws. That would happen during a planned sports activity on one of the fields outside of the complex.

After consultation, prison staff decided to cancel the sports lesson. That was not known to the accomplices of the detainee for whom the package was intended. At the moment the lesson was to take place, the ball containing the contraband was kicked over the wall.

It is not clear who the items were intended for. Therefore, no sanctions have been issued. The items are stored and the ball is destroyed.


Although there are regular checks and cell inspections in the prison to detect contraband, inmates are more likely to smuggle things in. Exact figures are not known.

In this case Veldman is happy that the loot has been intercepted. “These stuff didn’t come in. But of course we don’t know what we not intercept.” The director hadn’t seen this trick with a football before.

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