Football Leaks: Switzerland asked Rui Pinto for help in investigating FIFA president

A Swiss prosecutor sent an email to Rui Pinto, in 2018, asking for help in investigating FIFA president Gianni Infantino, in the context of the revelations made on the Football Leaks page.

According to the Público newspaper, at the time the identity of the person behind all the revelations that were made about the world of football was not known. Therefore, attorney Damian K. Graf’s e-mail followed as: “Dear Sir or Madam”.

The message asked for potentially incriminating information about secret meetings between Gianni Infantino and Michael Lauber, Switzerland’s top public prosecutor, in order to dispel an investigation into the license of a television rights contract to an offshore company.

Please provide us with any relevant documents regarding the above allegations, particularly any emailss exchanged between Gianni Infantino and Rinaldo Arnold, as well as any emails that mention Rinaldo Arnold”, wrote the prosecutor.

Público also reveals that Rui Pinto took about a week to respond. He showed himself “totally available” to collaborate, but that this bridge would have to be made through the lawyer.

Dear Damian, I am fully available to collaborate in this criminal investigation, but cooperation must be made through my French lawyer, William Bourdon. Please get in touch with him. Best regards, John.”

“John” was the name the Portuguese hacker used to hide his identity.

This email has now been added to Rui Pinto’s case in Portugal, in which he is responsible for 90 crimes: 68 of improper access, 14 of violation of correspondence, six of illegitimate access, targeting entities such as Sporting, Doyen, the society of lawyers PLMJ, the FPF and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), and also for computer sabotage to Sporting’s SAD and extortion, as attempted. This last crime concerns Doyen and it was also what led to the prosecution of lawyer Aníbal Pinto.

The creator of Football Leaks has been at large since August 7, “due to your collaboration” with the Judiciary Police and your “critical sense”, but is, for security reasons, included in the witness protection program in an undisclosed location and under police protection.



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