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Focus on the Grappling Worlds, this derivative of wrestling

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Thomas Siniecki, Media365: published on Friday, October 29, 2021 at 6:42 p.m.

The French have already gleaned three medals at the world grappling championships, a discipline which has grown in popularity since the turn of the century. Camelia Remini shares with us her cruel disappointment on Friday, but it’s not over!

The World Grappling Championships take place this week in Belgrade. It is a derivative of wrestling and jiu-jitsu, where the goal is to win by causing the opponent to abandon using keys (arms, knees) and strangling. A large French delegation of ten athletes is present in Serbia: seven for men (-66 kg, -71 kg, -77 kg, -84 kg, -92 kg, -100 kg, -130 kg) and three for women (-64 kg, -71 kg, -90 kg).

Remini: “She bit me! I lost the millimeter that was going to get me through”

The day after Thevenon’s silver medal (-90 kg) and bronze for De Oliveira (-66 kg), Ali Gherbi also finished third in -71 kg. We also followed particularly on Friday the performance of the French champion Camelia Remini, engaged in -64 kg and who has experienced a rather dazzling progression in this specialty after having practiced 20 years in judo at the high level. “It’s quite advantageous for me, because I worked a lot while standing and it highlights these qualities. The ground too, obviously a little, but above all while standing.”

Unfortunately, she was the victim of a bite from her German opponent Antonia Gamila Kanew in the first round: “I was two millimeters away from passing the guard, I was going to do it. Her head was under my thigh, no one could. see. When she felt that I was going to pass, she bit me! I had to win. I wanted to make a scandal, but my coach put me back in and I relaxed a little, I lost the millimeter that was going to make me pass. ” The German did not deny, even going to apologize after the fact, but then did it again with a knee in the nose of her other Ukrainian opponent. Still not sanctioned … The revenge promises to be all the more intense on Sunday, with the return of the same athletes (from Saturday) in Nogi – unlike Gi, which was practiced Thursday and Friday with a kimono.

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