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‘Ferrara baseball, an emotion to try’

by archysport


The coach of the Beginners category, protagonist of a championship to remember, tells about a year of work and plans the future. “Sport teaches a lot. And together we go far”

He mentions Kipling and Baden Powell, and defines herself as “A coach on the way, light-hearted but spirited”. It is the self-portrait of Giulia Morsiani, coach of the Ferrara Baseball category Beginners, on her third bench after the flattering record won by her young athletes in the championship that has just ended. First of all mother and fan, then companion and manager, Morsiani began his technical path in 2019, following the following year the courses for coaches and sports educators of CONI and then of FIBS. In a short time, great results: “At this age incredible changes occur even in just a few months. In two years I have seen many children ‘blossom’: on the field they acquire greater confidence, mastery and courage. group: an instinctive brotherhood that the little ones learn from the older ones and that they immediately give back every time new companions come to training. The greatest satisfaction is to transmit, through sport, the importance of body care and the practice of values fundamental for a solid growth, in a solid and strong network of affections “.

Goals which, according to Giulia, are directly proportional to the skills of the trainers.

“A capable coach must know how to get in touch with each of his athletes. The key to a good job is a good atmosphere, which is built together starting from a bond of trust. Then the driver must know how to be passionate, involve, and always maintain clarity. necessary to be perceived as a point of reference, authoritative and exemplary “.

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