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Felipe Peña Biafore’s shot at 7 minutes that earned him expulsion at Talleres-River Plate

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Felipe Peña Biafore’s blow to Juan Méndez

From the locker room, the team Marcelo gallardo he was left with ten men. The defender Felipe Peña Biafore was sent off after seven minutes by a terrible plank and conditioned the work of the Millionaire in the match between Talleres de Córdoba by date 17 of the Professional League, in a key duel since the first and second play.

Juvenile Felipe Peña stepped on Juan Méndez and referee Darío Herrera did not hesitate to show the defender the red millionaire. This generated the anger of his teammates who complained to the referee and also to Gallardo himself, who told the fourth referee that “his player was with his feet, but he did not step on” the defender of the Cordovan team.

However, the River Plate player was well sent off because in the action when he disputed the ball with both feet forward, it was with a total lack of attention due to the opponent’s physique, having an identity of serious rough play.

Before there was another controversial play in the River Plate area with a play where the local team requested a penalty from Michael Santos, but the judge did not consider it. The forward received a center and when he wanted to turn around he fell before the mark of Hector Martinez. It was another successful decision by Herrera because it was a dispute without an identity of fault.

Michael Santos fell in the area and Talleres claimed a penalty

Although then the judge did not admonish at 23 minutes to Milton Helmet in a strong fault that he committed to Diego Valoyes that deserved to have been admonished. The omission of the judge was key since then the River Plate defender did receive the warning card at 34 minutes for taking him by the shoulder of his own Valoyes and if he had received the first, it was another expulsion against the millionaire cast.

Milton Casco’s kick to Diego Valoyes

The first 45 minutes were hot with an intense rhythm from both teams with two chances to open the scoring. In fact, the Cordobans had a clear with Santos himself and defined poorly. Julian Alvarez had one for River Plate that forced a great save from Guido Herrera.

However, those led by Napoleon they managed to be able to hurt their rival despite having one man missing. With a prepared play, they scored with a goal from Robert Rojas that he received only in front of the position of Herrera and the Paraguayan sent it to the network.

A strong clash was expected between the first two teams of the championship and in the first half of the match that takes place in the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium a dynamic process was seen where precision in the game and physical condition were the keys. Both teams have it and that is why it was a good game at least in the initial stage.

River Plate arrived in Córdoba with 36 units and an eventual defeat did not lower it from the top of the championship either. With this partial victory, he reached 39 points and once again moved away from Talleres, which at the moment could not defeat his great rival in the tournament. The duel in the provincial capital was defined as “the match of the championship” and for now they did not disappoint.

In the second half the intensity continued, but with Talleres more put in the opposite field, although without finding a way to break the iron millionaire defense. With the spaces left by those driven by Diego “Cacique” Medina, River Plate players scored several cons that they could not define, but every time Julian alvarez O Benjamin Rollheiser faced, worried the bottom of the local team.


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