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FC Bayern: “11Freunde” boss humiliates unvaccinated Joshua Kimmich – “idiot brigade”

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After it became known that FC Bayern star Joshua Kimmich had not yet been vaccinated, a heated discussion broke out nationwide – Philipp Köster, editor-in-chief of the football magazine “11Freunde”, publicly criticized the national player (photo montage)

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Joshua Kimmich continues to be criticized: After it became known that the FC Bayern midfielder was still not vaccinated, a fierce debate broke out nationwide. Now the editor-in-chief of the football magazine “11Freunde” has also made a statement – and mainly distributes it against Kimmich’s advocates.

Munich – Joshua Kimmich (26) has probably never experienced such media hype about himself away from the football field: After it became publicly known that FC Bayern and DFB-Star has not yet been vaccinated, a heated debate broke out about the 26-year-old midfielder Munich.

As in the vaccination debate in general, opinions could not be more different: Critics point to Kimmich’s role model function, while his advocates demand that the 26-year-old’s personal and, above all, private decision should be respected. Prominent voices also spoke up. On Twitter, Philipp Köster (49), editor-in-chief of the soccer magazine “11Freunde”, now settled with Kimmich and his supporters. Extratipp.com from IPPEN.MEDIA reports.

In an interview with Sky Deutschland, Bayern star Joshua Kimmich was confronted with the fact that he has not yet been vaccinated – since then there has been heated discussion about the 26-year-old and his decision

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FC Bayern: Joshua Kimmich after vaccination testimony in the criticism – “11Freunde” boss speaks up

The discussion about Joshua Kimmich is gaining momentum: Numerous personalities from and outside the football industry have already spoken. In one Interview with the Münchner Merkur SPD politician Karl Lauterbach (58) offered the defensive midfield star of FC Bayern to enlighten him about the “long-term effects of vaccination”. At Sky Deutschland, the 26-year-old had stated that he had not yet had himself vaccinated due to “personal concerns”.

His trainer Julian Nagelsmann (34), who currently has to take a break due to a corona infection, also expressed himself and emphasized at a press conference that it was “important that there are opinions and that not everything is the same”. After all, “also a democracy” lives from such a diversity of opinion, according to the 34-year-old. Philipp Köster, who co-founded the soccer magazine “11Freunde” in April 2000 and is still in charge of it as editor-in-chief, found significantly more drastic words.

“If I were Kimmich and would see which idiot brigade celebrated me, I would get vaccinated this morning,” tweeted the 49-year-old football expert on Wednesday morning (October 27) – and in his post was not only counting on Joshua Kimmich’s timid vaccination Attitude, but above all with its advocates. Criticism was promptly returned: “If I were Kimmich and saw which self-promoters and experts spoke up, then I would stand firm,” said a Twitter user.

But the “11Freunde” boss added one more time and said: “Well, yes. Perhaps a look at the unholy alliance of brain-soft esotericists, conspiracy theorists and right wing wingers applauding me could also raise the question of whether I am wrong myself. ”The Joshua Kimmich case has long since degenerated into a political issue. Criticism from both sides is right and important – but without making hasty generalizations.

Philipp Köster, editor-in-chief of the football magazine “11Freunde”, criticized FC Bayern and DFB star Joshua Kimmich with drastic words – he called his advocates, for example, the “idiot brigade”

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FC Bayern: Joshua Kimmich takes a stand in the vaccination debate – No “corona denier or vaccination opponent”

On Saturday (October 23), Joshua Kimmich had clearly distanced himself from groups of “Corona deniers or vaccine opponents” on Sky Germany. He then criticized the fact that there was “only vaccinated or not vaccinated” in the debate. The trained defender, who has been playing for FC Bayern since 2015, was praised from many sides for his factual and calm manner during the interview.

The 26-year-old was extremely understanding for the full five minutes, admitting that he understood the criticism to a certain extent. He can be “tested every two or three days”. The 64-time national player also revealed that he does not “categorically” refuse to be vaccinated. It is “very possible” that he will still decide to have a vaccination against the coronavirus. On Wednesday (October 27), FC Bayern will face Borussia Mönchengladbach in the DFB Cup. It is not yet known whether Kimmich will be spared at this game because of the continuous fire in the media.

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