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Cooper Rush of the Dallas Cowboys

With Dak Prescott still recovering from a sprained tendon, quarterback Cooper Rush has trained with the first team of the Los Angeles offense. Dallas CowboysCowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday.

McCarthy detailed his training plan for week eight with the team, after his bye week, he prepares for his match of Sunday Night Football versus the Minnesota Vikings.

“I think this is all about Cooper being ready while making sure Dak gets what he needs,” McCarthy told reporters, according to team website. “As long as he’s not finished rehabbing alongside (trainer / rehab director) Britt (Brown), we’re not confirming Dak as a starter. So we need to do what we can to get Cooper ready.

McCarthy added Thursday: “I think one needs the whole week. Dak has invested a lot in his conditioning and we are confident that his relationship with Britt will go well through. This is how we are at this moment.

Rush receives support from his teammates on the offensive

If last season was not a test, there is a huge distance between Prescott and the backup quarterback, it does not matter if we are talking about Andy Dalton, substitute in 2020, or who Rush, his current substitute. The latter was named first substitute for the summer, despite the team hiring Will Grier, whom the Cowboys inactivate during games.

At the same time, Rush, hired as a free agent in 2017 after not being drafted, earned the trust of his teammates. Running back Ezekiel Elliot isn’t sure Prescott will play on Sunday, but Yes trust the number 10 if he gets to play as a starter.

“I’m not sure. I hope that [Prescott] is available. From what I’ve heard, it will be, ”Elliot said Wednesday, through specialist reporter, Brianna Dix. “Of course we want Dak to play, but we trust Coop a lot.”

Left guard Zack Martin also has a lot of confidence in Rush. However, Martin admitted that there is a big difference in how the team plays if Dak is not part of the lineup.

“You would be lying if you said, ‘If your incumbent doesn’t play, then you should play with what you have.’ We would have to make several adjustments, “said Martin on Tuesday., via ESPN’s Todd Archer.

Jerry Jones: Dallas ‘can do it all’ with Rush

Having outscored Ben DiNucci and Garrett Gilbert, the 27-year-old quarterback completed 29 of 46 passes attempted and had 272 yards, two touchdown passes and no interceptions in four preseason games.

That prompted exaggerated praise from Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, who said Rush “understands the game” and is “capable of doing anything” that McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore ask of him – he can do. all like Dak, apparently.

“All of our offensive plays can be done with Cooper Rush,” Jones said in August, according to team website. “It’s a bit different, but we can do everything with it anyway. That is good. I have seen many times that the substitutes did not allow us to do all the things that we wanted to do. Now we are in a good position ”.

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