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Eurocup: Tarbes Gespe Bigorre wins by K.-O. against Villeneuve-d’Ascq (78-69)

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Eurocup (3rd day). It took two extra times for Violettes to secure the victory against Villeneuve-d’Ascq (78-69). TGB are undefeated on the continental stage and take a big step towards qualification.


QT : 16-14; 9-17; 16-10; 17-16; then prol. : 6-6; 14-5
Referees: Antonio Zamora (AND), Victor Nagy (HON) et Josh Bowe (GBR).

TGB: 31 successful shots out of 68 (including 5/19 with three points), 11 successful free throws out of 16; 54 rebounds; 18 assists; 25 stray bullets; 8 interceptions; 3 counters; 15 personal fouls.
Dots : Rondet (-), Wojta (6), Pardon (4), Samson (24), Mitrasinovic (5), Popescu (-), Tadic (14), Ewodo (21), Scappaticci (-), Diarisso (4).

VILLENEUVE D’ASCQ : 29 successful shots out of 79 (including 5/26 three-pointers), 6 successful free throws out of 8; 34 rebounds; 20 assists; 15 stray bullets; 14 interceptions; 3 counters; 19 personal faults.
Dots: Anderson (13), Diaby (12), Harmon (9), Hériaud (4), Ygueravide (16), Diakité (0), Djaldi-Tabdi (8), Dramé (-), Gomis (-), Salaun ( 7).

The shock of this pool L had a Franco-French accent last night at the Quai de l’Adour between the only two teams in the group undefeated after two games. The opportunity for the two teams to gauge each other for the first time before meeting in the Women’s League on November 6, but in Hauts-de-France the next time.
Rather in legs, the Tarbaises raced ahead in the first quarter, in particular thanks to the address of Yohana Ewodo and the good presence of Ana Tadic on the rebound (16-14, 10th).

Then, the Northerners, leaders of the group in favor of a largely favorable basket average, passed the second. Much like last week against the Icelanders Haukar, TGB suffered a noticeable drop in the second quarter. This resulted in a 14-0 inflicted on the players of Francisco Pinto for the first gap of the evening following this award-winning signed Jolene Anderson (20-28, 18th). What cause some signs of annoyance from a Clémentine Samson, somewhat frustrated after an unsuccessful Pyrenean possession. At the break, the TGB was seven lengths behind. A small mattress for visitors, but nothing prohibitive for the rest.

And the Tarbaises were right to hang on. Because even if Jolene Anderson and Mousdandy Djaldi-Tabdi caused some concerns (31-40th), the Violets dominated the debates after returning from the locker room. In the space of three minutes, the TGB managed to almost pick up the score after two long-distance shots from Clémentine Samson, decidedly essential at the start of the season (41-42, 30th).

At the end of the night after two overtime

The closer the end approached, the more disjointed the game was. The two teams surrendered in quick succession. Caroline Hériaud had the match point at the buzzer (58-58), Clémentine Samson also five minutes later during the first extra time (64-64). And whoever cracks first is Villeneuve-d’Ascq which ended up giving way, in particular on a 3 points of Clémentine Samson having the flavor of a K.-O. boxing (70-65, 48th). With this success, Tarbes takes first place in the group and takes a very big step towards qualification.

To complete this third day, the Icelanders from Haukar host the Czechs from Brno on Thursday evening.

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