Errors, bans and jail in sports because of Corona

In basketball and ice hockey in US professional sport, the corona vaccination could decide the title.

Doesn’t want to be vaccinated: Basketball player Kyrie Irving hugs human rights lawyer Tahanie Aboushi.

Kathy Willens / AP

On March 12, 2020, the Frenchman Rudy Gobert demonstratively touched the microphones placed in front of him at a media conference. The French basketball player from Utah Jazz suggested: There is no danger. Gobert becomes a symbol for the careless handling of the coronavirus, back then, at the beginning of the pandemic. Because one day later, officials in Oklahoma City storm the field shortly before the kick-off of a jazz game and ensure that it is canceled: Gobert had tested positive, and shortly afterwards everything came to a standstill: the league and the world.


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