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Embarrassed by Liverpool, Manchester United players sprayed by Rooney

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Wayne Rooney made a sharp criticism of Manchester United’s players after a crushing defeat to Liverpool. Rooney assesses the MU players are paid handsomely but do not appear insistent.

MU humiliated Liverpool in the match at Old Trafford, Sunday (24/10/2021) night WIB, in the Premier League continued. The Red Devils lost with a striking score of 0-5.

It was MU’s worst defeat to Liverpool since 1925. MU’s performance was also highlighted by former players such as Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand.

Now it’s Wayne Rooney’s turn to give a scathing criticism of Manchester United’s appearance. The man who is now the manager of Derby County thinks that the level of appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo et al is unacceptable for a club of the caliber of MU.

“There is a big responsibility in these players. They are world class players, international players and a club like United need more,” Rooney said as reported by the Mirror.

“Those players need to feel hurt, need to feel when they lose, how painful it is.”

“I see too many players don’t want to run back, don’t want to stay and don’t want to give everything for the club and that’s unacceptable.

According to Wayne Rooney, the defeat of Liverpool is not only the responsibility of Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but also all players.

“Do you think this is the fault of the manager or the players? I don’t know. The players have to question themselves,” continued the former Everton player.

“It’s too easy for a manager to deal with all the criticism when these players are paid a lot of money to do their job and I don’t think they are performing well enough,” Rooney said.

Manchester United is now in seventh place in the Premier League standings with 14 points from nine matches. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s troops will then travel to Tottenham Hotspur headquarters, Saturday (10/30/2021) night WIB.

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