El Bara, before 20 key days: Bartomeu, Real Madrid and Members’ Assembly | LaLiga Santander 2021

Updated Tuesday, October 5, 2021 –

Laporta will have to manage many institutional fronts and the unknown with Koeman, still in the air.

Joan Laporta at a press conference.EFE

The Only He faces 20 days that can be absolutely decisive for his future at all levels and not only from a sporting point of view. The presentation, tomorrow, of a due diligence that should reveal alleged irregularities in the management of Josep Maria Bartomeu; the matches against him Valencia, the Dynamo Kiev and the Real Madrid -an with Ronald Koeman as technician-, and the Assembly of delegates, on the 17th, with a new reform of the statutes as one of its key points, mark the boiling agenda of the president Joan Laporta.

The still convulsed institutional situation of the club, with the accounts on the floor and the forced goodbye of Leo messi it has been accompanied by a deep sporting crisis for the Barça first team. Something that swings between the continuity and the dismissal of the current technician, a Koeman that still does not seem to hit the right key, has caused an undeniable feeling of unease in the always demanding environment of the Bara. For now, the Netherlands has two defeats by a win in the Champions League, a competition in which his team has not been able to score any goals, and has seen his team fall to ninth place in the table after losing last Saturday against him. athletic.

Bara is the last of their group in Europe and the reaction must start with a win against the Dynamo Kiev, on October 20 at the Camp Nou. Three days before, also at home, the Barça team will measure at a Valencia that he does not go through a very bright moment in the League either and, a week later, he will face again in his stadium a Real Madrid which, despite some hesitation, remains at the top of the table. As much as Laporta assured on Saturday that he does not consider firing Koeman (the box and the lack of a clear relief rule), falling in any of those meetings, especially against the eternal rival, can take a new turn, already definitive, to the future of a coach whose name has been questioned time and again in recent weeks.

The same day that Bara will face the ValenciaOn October 17, an Assembly of delegates will take place in which they will present to the partners not only the approval of the more than compromised accounts of the previous season, but a new reform of the statutes will be submitted to their vote. One of the most prominent points that are generating more controversy is the temporary provision to suspend the application of article number 67 “until the return of positive equity.” It specifies that a situation of equity imbalance or losses must be reestablished within a maximum period of two seasons and a ratio between the net debt and the EBITDA level must be maintained. In the event that said objective is not achieved, this will imply the early termination of the board of directors and its replacement by a management committee.

Part of the club environment understands this drafting as a kind of carte blanche for the board of Laporta. In this case, due to the indeterminacy of the term, which is simply indicated as until the equity returns to be positive, without giving a time limit for this. Other sectors, on the other hand, consider that the situation in which the Bara has remained due to the management of Bartomeu makes this indeterminacy necessary. Tomorrow the conclusions of the due diligence. Figures that present losses of 481 million euros in the 2020/21 season, to which is added a plummet in the value of the workforce. However, the depreciation of players who are no longer in the club, such as Threesome O Griezmann, it becomes benefits for the present campaign. Without the CVC injection, meanwhile, it is hoped to earn 100 million from the sale of almost half of Bara Studios. The credit of Goldman Sachs, 595 million refinancing, allowing to reduce the debt to 27.6 million this season. The road will be long.

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