Eintracht Frankfurt: Ultras let team down against Hertha – Bundesliga

They only come if everything goes according to their own rules and ideas …

Eintrachts Ultras will not be in the stadium for the upcoming home game against Hertha BSC (October 16). In other words: They are still leaving their club in the lurch even after the last two victories in Antwerp and Munich!

Their reasoning on their own website: “A mask requirement in the standing area is unacceptable and illusory and the newly conceived so-called ‘3G Plus’ model only includes 5 percent of the permitted viewers.”

The Ultras do not explain why Eintracht should allow more than 5 percent of those who have not been vaccinated or who have not recovered in the standing area. Rather, their own supporters provoke a power struggle with their club to open the north-west curve.

“We have clear ideas about the conditions under which a free and lively fan curve can exist,” said the Ultras.

According to the health department, Eintracht can play the Hertha game in front of 40,000 spectators. This allowed five percent, i.e. 2000 people tested. The standing area will be opened completely for the first time. In order to allow 400 people who have been tested there, it is mandatory to wear a mask in the entire standing area.

For this exception regulation, Eintracht had fought specially at the health department. In the 1-1 draw against Cologne, the club rejected the standing room opening approved under 2G conditions – especially for the Ultras.

To them, however, an uncompromising attitude seems to be more important than supporting their unity …




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