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Eintracht Frankfurt in luck against Leipzig

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So A soccer team is seldom very lucky. The superior opponent wasted a good half dozen best scoring chances and the only clear own possibility leads to the unexpected 1: 1 seconds before the final whistle. Tuta’s goal in the fourth minute of stoppage time, which equalized Poulsen’s opening goal for RB Leipzig in the 35th minute, could form the handle of the emergency exit door from a season that has been messed up for Frankfurt Eintracht. But what speaks for the fact that coach Oliver Glasner’s team is now loosening its tension after winning points against the Champions League participant and starting to play football?

Not too much. Because even after the victories against Antwerp, Bayern and Piraeus, there was no sustainable development for the better. The new coach has been working for over three months, but it is not clear where he is going with his team, nor that his players have understood what he is asking of them. The best thing about the situation: Everyone is still doing their best to come up with a common denominator.

“I like to repeat myself, I put my hand in the fire so that everyone gives everything,” said Glasner. The Austrian Eintracht coach reports that not only does he sleep badly, but also some of his professionals because they are tormented by thoughts of how to overcome the playful malaise.

No ground under your feet

Glasner tried to be successful against Leipzig on the same path as Bayern Munich: with a five-man chain. Touré and Durm had to interpret their roles as winger players extremely defensively, so that they were practically pure full-backs. With this, the coach wanted to offer his insecure players a stable basic formation on which they could align and stand up. That worked pretty well for 35 minutes. Except for two chances after the Leipzig pressing trap snapped shut, Eintracht didn’t allow much.


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