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DFB-Pokal: 1860 hero Mölders pasted over Schalke lettering on his jersey

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1860 hero Mölders pasted over Schalke lettering on his jersey

1860 Munich celebrates cup surprise against Schalke – the highlights in the video

Third division 1860 Munich fights FC Schalke out of the DFB Cup. Stefan Lex shoots the Munich Lions in the lead early. After being sent off, Schalke have to play almost the entire second half of ten. The highlights in the video.

15,000 spectators experience a big cup victory of the Munich “Lions” in the Grünwalder Stadium. Striker Sascha Mölders proves his worth for the team on and off the field. With a trick he also expresses his dislike for Schalke 04.

Hafter that the fans agreed to a hit in the industry. “Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin,” echoed from the ranks of the local supporters among the 15,000 spectators in the Grünwalder Stadium. Small dreams at what was once a big club. From a purely financial point of view, participation in the round of 16 in the DFB-Pokal 1860 Munich after 1-0 (1-0) over Schalke 04 in the second round brings a guaranteed income of around 500,000 euros.

Sascha Mölders played a decisive role in the fact that the home fans were already verbally targeting the final venue on May 21, 2022. The striker is already 36 years old, but again proved his worth for the third division club against Schalke.

Great evening for the old man in the 1860 storm: Sascha Mölders celebrates with the fans

Quelle: picture alliance / nordphoto

Mölders plowed, prepared the winning goal for Stefan Lex (5th) and skillfully acted as the leader on the field. “Everyone did their best here, it was just great,” said the professional footballer after the final whistle, overjoyed.

“I am a boy from Essen”

Mölders had arranged for overseers even before the game. Because both opponents are always immortalized by lettering on the jersey at cup matches, the old star decided to simply paste the word Schalke over it. An action that expressed his dislike. “I’m a boy from Essen, and then I have a hard time when Schalke 04 is on my jersey,” said Mölders. “That’s why I masked it.”

Stefan Lex (TSV 1860 Muenchen, # 7) is happy with Sascha Moelders (TSV 1860 Muenchen, # 9) about his goal to 1-0 GER, TSV 1860 Muenchen against FC Schalke 04, soccer, DFB-Pokal, 2nd round, Season 2021/2022, 10/26/2021.  (DFL DFB REGULATIONS PROHIBIT ANY USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS as IMAGE SEQUENCES and or QUASI-VIDEO).  Photo: EIBNER / Heike Feiner

Mölders’ jersey has a small, white adhesive strip on the chest

Quelle: picture alliance / Eibner-Presse

Hardly visible to most of the fans was a white tape on Mölders’ jersey – and made the cup evening in Munich perfect for him. “It is well known: As a boy from Essen, I particularly like to win against Schalke,” he said. “We’re all very happy, of course. If we make it 2-0, Schalke can’t complain either. We enjoy that now. My best wish for the next round is the derby against Bayern or a duel with my ex-club FC Augsburg. “

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At least then, the native of Essen would probably not have to resort to the little trick with the tape again. Because Mölders has long since had his great love immortalized on his body: One of his numerous tattoos shows the coat of arms of Rot-Weiss Essen.


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