Deportivo Cali and Atlético Nacional tie two goals in the semifinal of the BetPlay Cup

Andrés Colorado scored the first goal in the draw between Deportivo Cali and Atlético Nacional for the BetPlay Cup. Photo: @TeQuieroCali

The semifinal between Deportivo Cali and National Athletic for the BetPlay Cup, at the Palmaseca stadium, it ended in a draw with two goals, so the series will be defined at the Atanasio Girardot.

In the first moments of the game, enforcing the locality, those led by Venezuelan Rafael Dudamel came out to impose their rhythm and they succeeded: When the timer ticked the 8th minute, Andrés Colorado scored the first goal. It came after a nice collective play, after a throw-in, in which the purslane defense slept.

Although Cali did not have Teófilo Gutiérrez, Expelled in the quarterfinals against América de Cali for fighting with Gustavo Torres, he always went on the attack overtaking his two full-backs, Juan Camilo Angulo and Darwin Andrade, also with an implacable Angelo Rodríguez playing with his back to the national centers.

Such was the offensive insistence of the Green Threat that in minute 32 gave a new blow to his rival, thanks to the Kevin la Foca Velasco, who is in love with the goal; last October 2 he scored in a 2-1 victory over Envido, by the BetPlay League.

Velasco’s goal came after a pass from the skilled Jhon Vásquez, who on the right wing knocked two men from the Paisa team down the right side and then gave him the pass from death.

For the second half, Alejandro Restrepo’s DT replaced Sebastián Gómez, visibly with physical discomfort, to make way for Alex Castro, that from the first moments stood out for the left wing, although it was sufficiently clear in the last quarter of the court.

Cali, meanwhile, made its first substitution in the 52nd minute: the injured Daniel Luna came out to make way for Argentine Franco Torres, who had more continuity with Dudamel as DT.

Jefferson Duke, which came out in the 60th minute so that the forward Jhonatan Alves entered, he was booed. The Atlético Nacional striker passed through Cali four years ago, without leaving such fond memories for the sugar fan.

A relevant fact is that, beyond the changes in attack that the team made more times champion in Colombia, Until minute 70 of the compromise he did not make any archery shots guarded by Guillermo de Amores, a fact that spoke of the defensive solidity of Deportivo Cali, with Hernán Menosse and Jorge Marsiglia at a high sports level

At minute 71, however, Nacional managed to cut the difference. In the first shot on goal, the Loco Alves anticipated Juan Camilo Angulo and, thanks to an unstoppable header, made his team celebrate the goal with his soul.

Fourteen minutes later, the defender Geisson Perea he tied the game after a free-throw charge from a charge by Yeison Guzmán, although the linesman had to invalidate the goal out of place.

The second leg of the series will be on October 21. Neither Teófilo Gutiérrez nor Danovis Banguero will be in the match, sent off in this semifinal.

Deportivo Cali headlines: Guillermo de Amores; Juan Camilo Angulo, Hernán Menosse, Jorge Marsiglia, Darwin Andrade; Andrés Colorado, Carlos Robles, Jhon Vásquez, Daniel Luna, Kevin Velasco; Angelo Rodríguez.

Headlines Atlético Nacional: Kevin Mier; Geisson Perea, Emanuel Oliveira, Danovis Banguero, Jonathan Marulanda; Baldomero Perlaza, Sebastián Gómez, Brayan Rovira, Dorlan Pabón, Andrés Andrade; Jefferson Duque.


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