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Dak Prescott has suffered another family loss again, and it is doubtful for this

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In the middle of the great season that Dak Prescott is counting on, including a return in form after a compound fracture in 2020, he continues to have bad news when it comes to his family members.

On Friday, the Field Marshal shared through his Instagram account the death of his maternal grandmother Margaret Ebarb. “We would not be here without you and I promise you that I will make you proud,” placed the QB in the publication. In addition, he added that he will be forever grateful to her for everything she taught him.

As an interesting detail, it should be noted that in his rookie season in 2016, during the bye week the Cowboys decided to visit his grandmother in Louisiana instead of doing other activities. For example, making an appearance on a television show or accepting various advertising contracts. For Prescott, his grandmother was a fundamental pillar for both him and his siblings after the death of Peggy, his mother.

It is not the first time that Prescott has had to deal with a family tragedy. As already mentioned, by November 2013 his mother died of colon cancer while he was still playing his sophomore year for Mississippi State. In addition, last year he had to deal with the suicide of his brother Jace Prescott in April.

However, if something is known about the cowboy Marshal, it is that despite everything he knows how to overcome tragedies, whether they are family or sports. Do not forget that he missed practically the entire 2020 season thanks to a compound fracture in his right ankle. And with everything and this, he has returned to this campaign to lead a dressing room that firmly believes in his level of play.

Either way, a discomfort in his right calf after making the last play that would give them the victory over the Patriots, has set off the alarms more than usual. Although Dak commented at the press conference after the game that he was fine, there are still no indications that the player can make an appearance against the Vikings.

As the internship report clearly showed, Prescott was working on a limited basis throughout the week. So his status so far is not safe, and it is not known for sure if he will be able to play in week 8. In fact, who will have the last word will be the director of rehabilitation Britt Brown. Who has been overseeing Prescott’s practices and working individually with the Marshal since the bye week.

It is believed that it is something complicated that can be on Sunday night thanks to the state of the player on Friday. According to coach McCarthy, Dak arrived at the facility with a sore calf from doing extra activities during practice Thursday. Caution may be taken and left out for this game as there is a lot of regular season ahead. So the Cowboys have been using Cooper Rush in replay with the first team in any eventuality.

In short, we must wait for what may happen in the next few hours with respect to the current affairs of the quarterback. It is already known that the QB is going to travel to Minnesota with the team, and although on Thursday he commented that the decision could be made for Saturday, it is believed that it could be a decision a few hours before the match begins.

In the midst of all the things that are coming out in these last moments, you have to be very attentive to what is finally decided with Prescott. The team is waiting for him, but if Rush comes out, the group will still be looking for victory against the Vikings. Dallas knows very well that it must continue its positive streak to remain calm at the top of the NFC East. And of course, continue to be one of the best teams in the National Conference.

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