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D-Wade’s wife empties her bag and lashes out at legends!

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Gabrielle Union loves her husband more than anything and she will do anything to defend his honor. The proof, she just destroyed three legends simultaneously in response to old reviews of Dwyane Wade!

The Wade family is more united than ever since Dwyane retired. They all offered themselves a sublime vacation in Paris this summer, they also sent a hilarious message to Rudy Gobert, the elder Zaire should take advantage of his father’s minority shareholder status to find a place in the Jazz G League team this season… In other words, everything is rolling.

Moreover, the relationship between Flash and his partner Gabrielle Union seems even more fused than in the past. The two lovebirds are displayed with passion on social networks, they offer outings prohibited to under 18s in clubs for adults… Routine clearly has no place in the daily life of the Wade – Union, especially since they also have to juggle the education of their youngest daughter.

Gabrielle Union shoots the Big 3 of the Celtics!

So necessarily today, it is impossible to attack one without attracting the wrath of the other. After the many criticisms leveled against Dwyane Wade and his role in the creation of the Big 3 with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, especially on behalf of former Celtics who still cannot digest the departure of Ray Allen, Gabrielle Union released the sulphate. She spoke on JJ Redick’s podcast.

I was there to witness all the hatred on the Boston side against the Heat. But I was also there to see Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo team up… They don’t want to recognize it, but they are the ones who created the phenomenon of modern superteams. There have always been superteams, at the time there just weren’t the social networks and these shows that talked about sports 24 hours a day.

They claim that the two situations were different, and yes, when you look at Boston and Miami were not the same. They say they “built, not bought” their team. All I hear there is boring. Okay, it was a built group, but did people come and watch you play? No, all the fans were leaving at half-time.

Gabrielle Union cannot accept criticism from legends she believes are responsible for creating the superteams. Moreover, later in the interview, she did not hesitate to take the card out of jealousy by asserting that the words of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce against the Heat simply come from their many defeats in the playoffs …

Dwyane Wade is not touched in the media! Otherwise, Gabrielle Union will be happy to go out the sulphate to defend himself.

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