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Cyril Jonard vice-world champion in judo for the deaf

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The 45-year-old athlete with Usher syndrome is the first to be surprised by this silver medal which he dedicates to his youngest son.

Judo is his life. His wife Cécilia and his children too. And since his youngest son Naoki, aged 2 and a half, had not yet seen his dad fight in a major competition, Cyril Jonard wanted to participate again this year in the world championship for the deaf. The competition took place from October 27 to 30 in Versailles.

Aged 45, The Athlete, who already has 9 world championship titles among the deaf, was well aware that he had little chance of winning the competition. But in the end, his envy and his will once again paid off.

And final

After beating a Japanese, a Dutch and a Hungarian, he went to the – 81 kilo final. He failed against the French Raphael Ourednik, 18.

As soon as the fight was over, his children jumped into his arms.


Victim of Usher syndrome, which gradually causes him to lose his sight and hearing, Cyril Jonard no longer counts his medals. He is therefore 9 times world champion, paralymic champion, European champion and champion of France, and this for many, many years.

His portrait signed Emmanuel Braud, Jean Marie Arnal and Nicolas Stil:

Cyril Jonard is preparing for the 2021 World Judo Championship for the deaf

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