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Curry makes it 4-0, the Lakers do well without Lebron

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Warriors and Utah do not stop, the Lakers well at the over time in Texas, the Knicks blitz in Philadelphia. The recap of the NBA nights

I am five NBA games played in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. The five meetings that confirmed the excellent moment of some and also gave some unexpected surprises.

Oklahoma City Thunder-Golden State Warriors 98-106

Let’s start with the Warriors that with Fresh Curry Nominated as Player of the Week, sign the fourth success in as many espu racesBy the Oklahoma Paycom Center, answering in kind to the Bulls.

More complicated evening than expected for Steve Kerr’s boys, forced to chase for three quarters of the match thanks to a super performance of Gilgeous-Alexander author of 30 points and best scorer of the evening. The Warriors struggle to find continuity from the bow by scoring solo 14 triples out of the 40 attempted, unusual statistic for yellow-blue.

The first advantage of the guests comes only in the final seconds of the third quarter, thanks to a partial from 33-17 in favor of the Warriors. Curry that puts 23 seasoned on the scoresheet from 4 assists that arm the arms of a Damion Lee from 20 points and a newfound Wiggins by 21 points 4 assists and 4 rebounds. Close to the triple double Draymond Green who finished with 8 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.

San Antonio Spurs-Los Angeles Lakers 121-125

Orphans of Lebron James relegated to second of coach Vogel, the Lakers, down 13 in the third quarter, first force the over-time and then get rid of the Spurs thanks to a super performance of the Davis-Westbrook duo authors of 68 points in two.

To underline the proof of the second who runs into the first evening really convincing with the new shirt, engaging the Texan defense for the whole match ended with a triple double touched by 33 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists and lots of very high intensity games. Davis puts in 35 with 17 rebounds and 4 towte, numbers that demonstrate the versatility of the yellow-violet number 3, simply dominant in the final match from 29-17 for the Lakers.

San Antonio has tried everything to prevent the second success in a row of the Los Angeles, but despite the triple double by Dejounte Murray (21 points, 12 rebounds and 15 assists) and a Jakob Poeltd by 27 points and 14 rebounds, pay for the overwhelming physical power of the opponents and must surrender to the greatest talent of Vogel’s team ..

Utah Jazz-Denver Nuggets 122-110

Clear path also for the Jazz who get rid of Denver thanks to 23 points and 16 rebounds from Rudy Gobert and the 22 of Donovan Mitchell, good at exploiting theMVP Jokic injury occurred just two minutes before the long interval.

The Joker fight as long as he can against the best defender of the league, reporting his best game since the beginning of the season with 24 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists and with an almost perfect 8/9 from the field in 15 minutes that remains on the parquet.

Put Jokic out of the game, Utah does not miss the opportunity and closes the hostilities thanks to 15 points each from Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic leaving the bench. THE Jazz thus lead to 3-0 leading the ranking to the west together with Golden State, but with one game less.

New York Knicks-Piladelphia 76ers 122-99

The surprise of the evening comes directly from Madison Square Garden, where i Knicks strapazzano Philadelphia carried by the newcomers. The performance of the best is noteworthy Kemba Walker of the season author of 19 points and more than excellent 5/11 from the arc, who loads his companions on his shoulders by dragging them to the first win after 15 straight losses against the 76ers.

To decide the match is one practically perfect second fraction of the hosts ended with an eloquent partial of 39-16 which allows him to manage the continuation of the match without too much trouble.

Complicated evening for Joel Embiid ended with just 14 points with only two baskets put on target. He takes care of keeping the guests in the game Tobias Harris that goes a step away from triple double with his 23 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists. For Philadelphia it is the second defeat in four games, too many for those who aim to be among the protagonists this season.

Dallas Mavericks-Houston Rockets 116-106

Luka Doncic wins the Texan derby between the Maveriks and the Rokets. The Slovenian playmaker closes with one double double with 26 points and 14 rebounds also topped by 7 assists for teammates contributing to the best performance in the Mavericks jersey Reggie Bullock, author of 16 points is a satisfactory 4/9 with his feet out of the arch, which allows you to overshadow the bad performance by Porzingis (9 points and 2/9 from the field).

At home Rokets worthy of note is the proof of Gordon author of 22 points who keep his teammates afloat until the beginning of the third quarter, when Dallas puts the fifth and starts without too much difficulty the second win out of three this season.

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