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Consistency is the word by which Randy Gregory is defined

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In the midst of all the positive results the Cowboys are handling, there are some elements that stand out above others. On the defensive side, there are many names of rigor that are taking the headlines. As are the cases of Trevon Diggs, rookie Micah Parsons, Damontae Kazee, among others.

However, if there is another defensive element that requires emphasis, it is defensive end Randy Gregory. During Week 6 against the New England Patriots, Randy finished with three solo tackles, two quarterback sacks and one fumble. According to Pro Football Focus, he became the defensive player of the day.

Now, the one who is really delighted with the player’s performance is defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. “Over the last month, he’s been consistent and focused on doing what he has to do,” said Quinn. “I think it is a great example for all the players, since some things do not come out due to the nature of the game or the scheme. But if a player remains constant he remains relentless, and opportunities come. I think Randy has learned that over the course of this season, he knows that good things can happen and he has achieved them. “

“I’m impressed with him and the way he’s doing his job,” the defensive coordinator continued. “He’s aggressive but not over the line, something that could take him out of his game and it just doesn’t happen. You stay consistent in your approach, you try to do something different for this or that, and that is not an easy thing to learn. But I think the last four weeks he has proven that he is able to stay in the process and that is very important to him. I think he understood that perfectly ”.

These statements by Quinn go precisely hand in hand with the kind of career Randy Gregory has had both on and off the field. Evaluating the fact of the many suspensions he had in the NFL, how little Gregory has been playing professionally for the Cowboys has shown that he is a great defensive element to watch. The perfect example of this could be said that it was in the 2018 campaign where he was able to participate in 14 games of the regular season. And looking in much more detail at the numbers, he ended up with six sacks and two fumbles.

Much of this production is being seen again in 2021, which was not able to show much last year. After his last suspension, he returned in Week 7 of 2020 but former defensive coordinator Mike Nolan didn’t really give him many opportunities to stand out. In large part, due to an alleged preference for Aldon Smith, a player who is no longer in the organization.

Of course, considering that Gregory has only been in five games this season, he already has seven combined tackles, four quarterback sacks, one fumble and one recovered ball. Clearly, with what he demonstrated against Carolina and New England, he can safely increase his numbers on the right side of the defensive line. But as his defensive coordinator says, consistency is the key to everything.

Faced with adversity, the player grows and turns that into great opportunities. Randy himself admitted that he plays better when he is upset, but he has to know how to control it, both for the good of himself and the team.

“I usually do,” Gregory said of whether he played better when he was upset after the victory over the Patriots. “I know there is a fine line, and coaches have to warn me sometimes not to take things too far. But I feel like when they tease me I swear a lot, but I tend to play a little better. And in the last few meetings, I’ve been trying to do that, I think it helps me focus. “

Randy will have plenty of time to focus his work and his emotions on the field of play now that the Cowboys are on their bye week. However, they will have a tough test at US Bank Stadium against the Minnesota Vikings in week 8. It is expected that as has been happening, Gregory will continue to collaborate with the team in the great way that he has been doing.

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