Conmebol asked FIFA 25-minute halftime to have shows at halftime | Libertadores Cup

This Thursday a letter was known that Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol, sent to FIFA with a new proposal in which he seeks to extend the minutes of rest to have shows at halftime, in the style of the ‘Super Bowl’. It is a custom that characterizes competitions in the United States and that attracts so many glances in the world and that from South America they want to “copy”. Will Infantino agree?

The director of Conmebol made it clear that the shows would only be for the finals, which would go from having a rest period of 15 to 25 minutes, in order to have a show in that period of time. If endorsed by FIFA, these shows could be held in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana 2021 finals.

In the letter he addressed to FIFA, Domínguez stressed that the teams would have a longer rest period, which would be well taken advantage of while the fans enjoy high-quality artistic shows.

“A slightly longer halftime would allow a high-quality artistic spectacle to be offered to fans present in the stadium and those who follow the television broadcast, as in other sports, with excellent receptivity. This would make the definition of the images even more attractive. In addition, with this modification, the athletes would have a better physical recovery and the technicians would have the opportunity to make more precise adjustments or give clearer instructions, with which the level of competitiveness and the quality of the game would increase “, it indicates in the letter .

Domínguez’s proposal has not gone down well on social networks. There are some who celebrate that soccer wants to add spectacle, while others criticize that it seeks to copy what is done by other sports.




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