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Confcommercio and the Tigers have signed a two-year partnership agreement

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In Cesenate and Romagna, land of wellness, sport plays a leading role, for many practitioners, and for fans, just as many. A Cesena city that boasts a prestigious history also in the field of sports clubs with a leading background in football, basketball, volleyball and many other disciplines. The partnership agreement signed between the Tigers, an association registered in the National Register of Amateur Sports Associations and Societies, represented by the president Giampiero Valgimigli and Confcommercio Cesena in turn represented by president Augusto Patrignani.

The Tigers have become in effect the Cesena basketball team, and have played the national Serie B championship from the 2018-2019 season using Carisport for home games. “The partnership agreement – the presidents Valgimigli and Patrignani highlight – provides for a series of collaborations and synergies between Confcommercio and Tigers that mutually recognize each other’s representativeness and local roots, joining forces to promote each other and to support the development of sport citizen, through the city’s basketball team. Unity is strength and the contracting parties of the agreement will find each other strengthened by the signed agreement “.

The two-year agreement provides, among other things, for the free concession and use of one’s own brand for single and joint communications. Specifically for its sporting activity, Tigers Cesena undertakes to insert the Confcommercio brand among the brands present at Carisport on the occasion of their home matches, on its website and on any communication relating to an initiative carried out in collaboration with Ascom Confcommercio Cesena. Tigers and Confcommercio also undertake to activate promotional actions for the partnership and mutual promotion. Tigers Cesena grants Confcommercio the possibility of leafleting and sampling activities (free advertising offer of product samples).
At the Carisport on the occasion of internal matches, the possibility of using one’s testimonials for communications and promotional campaigns, events, the possibility of social communication and promotion outputs on one’s fan-base. Shared and co-marketing actions will also be conducted through a common Service Center. Confcommercio will include in its offer the possibility for companies to join sponsorship packages in Tigers Cesena and will also make its contribution to the ‘Tana delle tigri, Department of Tigers Cesena’ project dedicated to young people, promoting it at other sports clubs in the area, raising awareness its members and hosting a gallery dedicated to this project at its headquarters. The partnership agreement also provides that Confcommercio Cesena undertakes to search, among its members, for catering activities available to offer the Hospitality service at the Carisport, on the occasion of the Tigers matches. Tigers Cesena and Confcommercio will also collaborate in further co-marketing activities conceived jointly.

“Confcommercio – highlights the president Patrignani – has always been close to the world of city sport and within us operates a sports union that affiliates amateur clubs and gyms, humus of territorial sociality and added value of the Cesena community. Sport practiced and followed is a great community value and Cesena, traditionally rich in high-level clubs, in various city sports, is pleased to be able to count on a basketball team that we hope over time will revive the glories of women’s basketball in the city the 80s and 90s. The common contribution that we will be able to give with Tana delle Tigri to the promotion of basketball among young people is also stimulating. It is an innovative Academy at national level, with a different approach to the world of youth by of a sports club that intends to propose a single large basketball movement in the Cesena area and open to collaborations, with pro citizenship and concrete initiatives “.

“For our part – affirms the president of the Tigers Giampiero Valgimigli – we have recognized Confcommercio as an accredited partner rooted in the territory to support us in the exercise of our activity and in particular in the promotion of the basketball movement in the city, which represents one of the founding objectives of our activity as a sports club aimed at producing beneficial effects on the territory, with a view to fully promoting sporting practice that brings well-being and reinforces social cohesion “.


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