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Concentration and success to win first at home

by archysport

Jawara, during the Girona-Prat Basketball a few days ago. | ANIOL RESCLOSA

After the start of the league with a hard-fought and hard-fought victory at the Juaristi court, Bàsquet Girona plays the first game of this LEB Or in Fontajau. He will do so against CB Prat, a rival on two occasions until four days ago in the Catalan League, with results for all tastes and colors. It will be the third face-off, again with the public in the stands. Matching the intensity of your opponent and improving the accuracy, especially from the triple line, becomes essential to try to tie the second joy of the course.

In Azpeitia it came out expensive, but not for the outside throw. A sad 4 of 27 in triples that could have cost the team, which knew how to play the last minutes. Important role of experience, with players like Josep Franch taking the reins. This evening, a rival with a similar profile. A mix of veterans and young people with enormous talent. “We know each other, we know how they work. It will surely be a different duel than the previous two. They are very physical “, warns Gerard Sevillano. It is completed by his coach, Carles Marco: “They have a lot of energy, they go on the rebound, their inner game stands out … They do things well. They mix experienced players, like Marc Blanch, with others who don’t have as much, but with a lot of talent. That is why he is upset that “a very difficult duel awaits us. We have already come from two intense and hard matches, and we know each other more and more. There will no longer be a surprise factor, as can happen with other rivals. We have to try to match their intensity and energy, defending well, and we also have to be right.

On the first weekend in October, Bàsquet Girona delighted the Fontajau crowd by winning the Catalan League (56-76) against a CB Prat that a few days ago and in the same competition, had clearly beaten it in the his track (74-59). To avoid surprises, Marco asks his players to “concentrate”. At the same time, he expects the public to play an important role. “We’re going to try to start hooking our people. When there are moments of difficulty, we hope that the fans will help us “.


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