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Colomiers. Football: with the help of supporters

by archysport

This last meeting against Angoulême turned out to be a benchmark match. Everything was to be feared for a team that still doubted. Keeping the leader in check 3 to 3 while the team is reduced to 10 from the 54th minute (expulsion of captain Kévin Léoni) is a real challenge. This result is even more of a feat when we know that Adrien Pérez, another defensive pillar of the start of the season, left his family on injury (74th). The public was not mistaken. At the end of the game, when the home team was down 3-2 they made up for the missing element, they were the eleventh man in their formation. It must be said that the other ten in the field gave themselves up. And when Moussa Faty, double director, obtained the equalizer, it was the explosion of joy. After having experienced a disaster of ten minutes (48th-55th), two goals from Bisson on free kicks and an expulsion, what final suspense! The public was not mistaken. He trusted his people. This weekend, the pennant team faces the TFC reserve in a friendly, at 11 a.m. We must prepare for next week’s trip to the new leader in Trélissac. The defensive system needs to be rethought. In the Coupe de France, the women will try to avenge the boys, hoping to qualify for Canet. For now, the players are flying from victory to victory. After their great success in the cup, they exploded Escalquens 11-1 in the league? They are first in their pool in R2 with 3 points ahead of the following.

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