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Pollença Badminton Club present in the Balearic championships

October 24, 2021 | By Drafting | Category: Badminton, Other Sports

This weekend the Balearic badminton championships were held in San Antonio in the Sa Pedrera pavilion.

On the one hand, on Saturday the categories sub 11 sub, 15 sub, 19 took place and the veterans who are members of CB Pollença obtained very good results;

The men’s doubles Youseef and Miquel Ángel won the Balearic runner-up, losing in the final to the Balearic champions also from Mallorca.

Pollensin Marc and Tomeu lost in the semifinals preventing a fully pollensin final. For his part, Youssef fell in the men’s individual semifinal in a totally Mallorcan category.

Caterina and Zinab played in the under 15 category, although they are only 12 and 11 years old respectively, they did a good role that helped them to the results they achieved on Sunday.

On the other hand, on Sunday the categories of sub 13 and sub 17 and the absolute championship of the Balearic Islands were disputed.

Our veterans noticed a little the fatigue of the previous day and added to the youth of some of the participants they could not enter the fight for the podiums.

It is worth noting the third place of Estannia who fought a lot against players 25 years younger than her.

As for the girls, the change in trend was noticed and they took the sub-championship of the Balearic Islands in Women’s Doubles under 13. Caterina, despite fighting very hard, could not get to the podiums for the fight and Zinab ended up losing the semifinal for a very tight 21-18 and 21-16 that can be attributed to the lack of the coach who for work reasons could not be present with her. However, we have obtained excellent results that encourage us to continue training.

From the Club we want to thank all the institutions and the Pollença city council through the Sports Area for their support. Also thank the families of the club who are very involved in making these trips possible to be a success and that this sport is increasingly known in the Balearic Islands.

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