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Central got an open heart win over Racing

by archysport

Broun he became a giant first by taking down a center and then covering a shot at point-blank range by Rojas and a couple of minutes later he again prevented Racing’s goal, when he stopped a shot at the far post at Chancalay.

Until then, Central was more of a team that accompanied the Racing game than a team that could play under their pretensions. In fact in the first half he did not have any auction within the three suits. The three times he tried were with shots from Lo Celso from outside the area, but all deflected. By this time Vecchio (at no point could he drive or make a difference) had already receded at the height of Ojeda, to shape that classic 4-4-2 so many times it was used. From then on, the situation of greatest risk in favor of the scoundrel was that pass back from Mena to Arias that Darío Herrera considered was not intentional.


All Central celebrates the great goal of Gino Infantino.

Sebastián Suárez Meccia / The Capital

It cost Infantino more than the bill, Martínez almost never happened and White He tried harder but without much clarity. Those were the coordinates of a Central in which Gamba and Ruben they were left far away, isolated, without a team to supply them.

The panorama in the complement was different, with a more committed, more concentrated and aggressive Central. And already the first hint came to the minute with that pass from Avila above the centrals to Ruben, that he turned and gasped, but he went off track. Marco himself also tried with his left foot from the edge of the area, but the shot went to the hands of Arias. The discomfort that was generated when the Kily he wanted to get Vecchio out (the captain told him he was fine) the free kick of 10 arrived, which Martinez headed at the far post and after Emiliano left that formidable shoe from Infantino that dug into Arias’s angle. Golazo.

It was the best moment of Central, the worst of Racing, although that trend did not last long to change. Because Caramelo Martínez’s run ended with a pass to Licha López and after the center of the forward the appearance of Copetti, behind Blanco’s back, to tie him upside down.

Again the night was made for Central, without being able to get rid of the desire to win, but the game had something special prepared for the scoundrel: another goal. Whose? From Marco Ruben, who is most applauded, always. Gino Infantino’s quick corner, the back pass to Lautaro Blanco and the surgical center to the heart of the area, where Ruben he dove to stick his head in and make the Giant explode again.

From then on the nerves, the protest of the Kily, the revolutions up there and a closing party to which the scoundrel put all his heart possible to put the signature to a victory for which he always was and that he finally conquered.



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